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Idol Chatter: Carly's Irish Eyes No Longer Smiling

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  For last night’s elimination on American Idol Season 7, America “pulled a Michael Johns” by ousting one of the most talented contestants left:  Carly Smithson.  See what Coworker Chad and I think about this latest turn of shocking events in our instant-message wrap-up from earlier this morning.

Chad says:
  Hey.  You okay this morning?  I know you must be grief stricken after last night.  Your second favorite, gone just like that.

Laura Mac says:  Well.  Actually I feel more like I've seen a ghost.  "The Ghost of Michael Johns Past."  UN-SCARY-BELIEVABLE.  What happened??????

Chad says:  No idea.  I figured Carly Smithson wouldn't make it to the top four, but I was surprised to see her go last night.  She had a really good performance.

Chad says:  I'm still in shock that the two worst performances of the night - Jason and Brooke weren't either of the bottom two.

Laura Mac says:  They must have a REALLY tight fan base that will keep voting 'til there's no one left.

Laura Mac says:  Jason looked dazed and confused.  And Brooke knew she'd been granted a miracle.

Laura Mac says:  I just can't figure out America's voting pattern.  Makes no sense.

Chad says:  Brooke looked like she was going to have a heart attack.

Chad says:  This makes me worried for David Cook.

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  Because now it appears that popularity REALLY is trumping talent.  More so than I thought.  So David's goose may be ... well ... cooked. 

Laura Mac says:  Especially next week, since Neil Diamond will be in the house.  I don't get that choice of mentor AT ALL.

Chad says:  Man, I love Neil Diamond.  He is the man!  I mean, he's no Dolly Parton, but he's awesome.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, I'm just going to pretend you didn't say that.

Laura Mac says:  So ... next week.  Who will fare the best under the tutelage of The Diamond?

Chad says:  David Archuleta, definitely.  I predict he sings a slow ballad with a very touching message with his eyes closed. 

Laura Mac says:  Hmmm … "Heartlight," perhaps?  Eat your heart out E.T.!

Chad says:  Actually, I expect a great performance from Cook again.  Neil Diamond has some very catchy, recognizable tunes that I can see being great rock songs with a different arrangement.  I also think it will be a good week for Brooke.  A lot of sort of folksy songs to choose from.

Laura Mac says:  I think Cook will select "America."  He can rock it out.

Laura Mac says:  And maybe Brooke will pick "Sweet Caroline."

Chad says:  That would be awesome.

Chad says:  Those would be two very good song choices. 

Chad says:  I'm a closet Neil Diamond fan, so I admit I'm more excited about next week than most.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, well ... your secret is safe with me.  Ahem.

Laura Mac says:  Any final thots on Carly’s surprise exodus last night?

Chad says:  I wasn't a big fan, but I was a little sad to see her go.  She was a colorful contestant with a big voice.  I also thought she deserved to stay for a couple more weeks.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, I think so, too.  From now on, I think it's anyone's guess on who will go out each week.  

Laura Mac says:  And I suppose that's what's keeping us all hooked.

Chad says:  I'm hooked on Cook, and I will start voting to make sure he makes it to the end.

Laura Mac says:  Me too.

Chad says:  All true Christians should do the same. Just kidding.

Laura Mac says:  Gosh.  There's so much o' the snarky I could say.  But I shan't and shall stay the meek and mild little lassie that I am.

Laura Mac says:  Until next week, bro ...

Chad says:  Later.