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So You Think You Can Dance: Two Tix on the Hot Tamale Train

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  When Judge Mary Murphy shouts at the top of her lungs that you are entitled to “two first class tickets on the Hot Tamale Train,” you know that you must have done something right with your samba.  Such was the case last night on So You Think You Can Dance for Katee & Joshua, who closed out the dance performances from the final eight couples.  Today, Coworker Chad and I discuss this “great moment in dance history,” along with Dante’s Inferno and other merry subject matter.

Laura Mac says:  Did you watch So You Think You Can Dance last night?

Chad says:  Absolutely.

Chad says:  You?

Laura Mac says:  I did.  And I have a question for you ... oh, Great Oracle of The Dance.

Chad says:  Oh my.

Laura Mac says:  Does the Hot Tamale Train EVER reach a destination?  Or is it just always in perpetual motion? 

Chad says:  We'll, here's the deal.  Have you ever read Dante's Inferno?  I'm not sure which level the Tamale Train technically operates on, but since it includes Mary Murphy's screaming and laughing I'm guessing level 4 or 5.

Laura Mac says:  I can't say that I have.  Nor do I have immediate plans to ... But are you saying that it's more conceptual?  Metaphysical? 

Chad says:  I'm just saying there’s serious pain involved.  She's a lot to handle.

Laura Mac says:  Ohhhh.  I get it.  You're like "Oracle Lite" today.

Chad says:  Exactly.

Laura Mac says:  Well speaking of “lite” and persons who are light on their toes, did you have any favorite performances from last night's remaining 8 couples?

Chad says:  Yep.  You only had to watch the first 10 minutes of last night's episode to see the winner (IMHO).  Twitch and Kherington once again stole the show.  Beside being great dancers, they are both completely likable personalities. 

Chad says:  Who was your favorite from last night?

Laura Mac says:  Twitchington was my runner-up (I do like me some hip-hop).  I'm still holding out for Katee & Joshua.  And Mary DID give them two first class tickets on the Hot Tamale Train.  So, it's getting hot in there.  Or on there.  Or up in there.  Whatever. ...

Chad says:  Very respectable.  They were my number two last night.  They really pulled that off.  The only reason I bump them down to No. 2 is they didn't quite seem to portray the true passion of the samba.  At times, Katee seemed uncomfortable to me and the look on her face came off as almost an embarrassed giggle.  But overall, they are really pulling away as front runners.

Laura Mac says:  Well, maybe only having on HALF of a dress contributed to her facial expressions.  That can't be comfortable or comforting AT ALL while onstage being tossed around and such.

Chad says:  That's why I refuse to wear outfits like that when making public appearances.

Laura Mac says:  See ... and THAT'S why YOU are the Oracle.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, any final thots or predictions for tonight?

Chad says:  Final thoughts:  when the final 20 started a few weeks ago I was surprised by how good everyone was.  Unlike previous seasons, it was almost impossible to name the underdogs.  Still true that it's a great collection of talent this season, but I think it's becoming clear quickly who won't be with us much longer.  Comfort and Chris are in trouble, as are Chelsea Traille and Thayne.  I predict tonight we will say goodbye to Chris and Chelsea T.

Laura Mac says:  That's EXACTLY what I was thinking, too.  I think the other two will follow the next week or maybe Jessica and possibly Matt (I think some of the other guys are going to edge him out).

Chad says:  I guess what they say about great minds is true.  Jessica and Matt would be third on my list for future cuts.  After that, it's anyone's game.

Laura Mac says:  See, I'm just working my way to "Oracle, Jr."  Okay, well we'll see how it all shakes down tonight.  I'll give you a shout tomorrow, and we can put our great minds together once more this week.  Sound good?

Chad says:  Sounds like a plan.

Laura Mac says:  It's crispy fried goodness.  TTYL!

Chad says:  Later!