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So You Think You Can Dance: What's Up with Nigel Lythgoe?

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  On last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, creator-executive producer-judge Nigel Lythgoe came unplugged.  Or got plugged in.  Either way, some kind of current was evidently coursing through his veins as he cheered or skewered with abandon.  Read on to see what Coworker Jayson (graciously filling in for Coworker Chad, who is away on assignment) and I thought about his antics, as well as for our predictions on who from the remaining nine couples will be let go on tonight’s elimination show.

Laura Mac says:  Hey, Jayson!  Thanks for filling in for Coworker Chad today.  I guess good chatters (or maybe Chadders) are hard to keep around these days.

Jayson says:  No problem.  I'm no Chad, but you'll get your money's worth! 

Laura Mac says:  Well, on one hand, I guess that could be a good thing.  And on the other hand, I appreciate it! 

Jayson says:  Ha ha.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so last night I was a little bored w/the competition on So You Think You Can Dance.  But thanks to Nigel Lythgoe and his crazy comments, I kept watching.  And I did have some new thoughts about our friends across the pond.

Jayson says:  Yeah, I felt that way, too.  Nigel did have some good things to say and also looked liked he drank too much Red Bull before the show.  Did you see his dance demos?

Laura Mac says:  Yes!  And here I thought all Brits were more of a reserved kind of folk.  Last night totally changed that perception.  One minute Nigel's giving a standing ovation, and the next he's lighting a match for a fiery sacrifice.

Jayson says:  Indeed.

Laura Mac says:  Katee and Joshua were the couple who got the ovation.  I am still very impressed with them this week, so I thought they deserved it for their Broadway routine.  Your thoughts?

Jayson says:  I agree. Their Broadway moves were very entertaining to watch and looked to me like they were executed well.  Their connection and stage presence looked very much like I was watching a segment of a Broadway musical.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, very believable.  Okay, so what about the couple Nigel skewered … Comfort and Chris?  They did a "krump" style of dance which, now that I think about it, is only a few letters away from "crumpet."  So I don't know why an Englishman like Nigel would be so upset. ...  Anyway, I thought Chris did the very best he could with a dance genre he knows nothing about. 

Jayson says:  Yeah, I appreciated Chris "representing us white boys" as he put it, and I also think he gave it a good go.  But I do admit there were some moments when I wanted him to just stop dancing. As for Nigel's skewering attitude … could be the bad placement of being the last couple to dance or whatever he was drinking in that cup! 

Laura Mac says:  True, true.  Maybe he borrowed Mary's cup this week. 

Jayson says:  Ha ha … his face did look a little red like after Mary's train call!

Laura Mac says:  Oh my.  I had to hit "mute" really quickly or my head would've exploded.  I'm finding there’s only so much I can take from Judge Mary.

Jayson says:  Was it me or did all the judges seem to rag on the girls all night?

Laura Mac says:  I think you're right.  There was a lot of love for all the guys … Will and Joshua especially.  The judges predicted they’ll end up in the final four.

Jayson says:  You’re right.  Most of the guys were praised by the judges.  But almost all the poor gals, especially the first few, really got dumped on.

Jayson says:  And then there was Mia and her criticism of "Twitchington."

Laura Mac says:  That was the one critique that bothered me the most!  The choreographers of Twitchington's waltz had choreographed it in tribute to their daughter who suffers from Rett's syndrome.  They said that she lights up whenever there is dancing, so in that spirit Kherington smiled throughout her performance with Twitch. 

Laura Mac says:  I thought she did a lovely job.  So, sorry Mia.  We don't agree, and we're glad she showed her pearlies.

Jayson says:  ‘Twas a very nice smile.  I think Mia was acting out of jealousy

Laura Mac says:  Could be, could be.  Kherington is very beautiful, as we are reminded each week by Nigel's drivel toward her. 

Laura Mac says:  Another dancer who I thought looked particularly nice last night was Kourtni Lind.  She had on a fabulous green dress and her hair was done in pin-curls for the foxtrot that she and Matt danced.  Very old Hollywood.

Jayson says:  Yes, very nice period look.

Laura Mac says:  They didn't dance the best, but at least she looked good.  And speaking for all females everywhere, that matters A LOT.

Laura Mac says:  So, any other couples or individual dancers who stood out to you from last night’s competition?

Jayson says:  I think we've hit all the couples that stood out to me when it came to dance quality.  I do remember feeling bad for the Cuban gal Susie who overheard her instructor’s comment which I think led to her poor performance last night.

Laura Mac says:  Yes, that was sad.  She seems really dedicated and like she's trying really hard.  I think tonight could be curtains for either her or for Jessica.

Laura Mac says:  And on the guys' side of the equation, I think we'll be saying goodbye to Chris.  Or possibly Marquis.

Jayson says:  Agreed.  Chris is definitely in the bottom.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, then we'll just have to wait and see how the viewers vote and what the judges will do a little later this evening.  Want to chat about tonight's results tomorrow?

Jayson says:  Sure thang!

Laura Mac says:  And thanks again for substitute-chatting for Coworker Chad.  Yer the best!

Jayson says:  No prob.  Anything for Laura Mac!

Laura Mac:  Sigh.  I wish all my friends would say that.