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Economic Empowerment, Social Outrage (pt. 2)

The news today (9/15) that the National Abortion Federation is raising money to offer free abortions to victims of Hurricane Katrina only serves as further evidence of the passionate, worldwide insanity that surrounds the grotesque procedure. Guess that's part of what's driving abortion advocates in New York this weekend to suggest that baby-killing is the way out of poverty...the path to ending the AIDS crisis...the means of "empowering" women to full equality. Yesterday, we told you about that UN World Summit, now underway. A major initiative of the conference is to see through to approval a number of "Millennium Development Goals"...several of which would be achieved more easily (in the pro-abortionists’ view), should abortions be made safer and easier for poor women to obtain. But perhaps those assembled NGOs and activists might be better-served by advocating...for marriage.

Apparently stable marriage can increase the financial prosperity of couples, and improve the lives of American children, according to a report released on Tuesday. The downside of the study by the Brookings Institution and Princeton University is, apparently, the suggestion that the children of gay couples will benefit from their "parents" entering into homosexual marriage, as well--though there is no hard data to back up that assertion. But the report does stress the need for educational initiatives that could help with relationships and parenting, saying this can help reduce divorce, domestic violence and single-parent child rearing. So why isn't anyone at the UN World Summit this weekend tirelessly advocating for marriage?

No...abortion for convenience and profit seems to be the solution of choice for these lobbyists and doubt raised in the 70s, during the conflicting confluence of "free love" and "Zero Population Growth." But perhaps this next story might shed some further light on the urgent, economic side of their argument.

A report from Britain has revealed that the booming unborn baby parts market in Europe may have also now spilled over into born babies, with allegations that newborns are disappearing from maternity wards in the Ukraine, in order to meet the increasing demand. One Ukrainian research institute advertises fetal body parts for sale, and human rights activists tell the United Kingdom's Times Online they believe unregistered babies, whether alive or dead, are in many instances taken from their mothers and never returned, to be sold for body parts. Late-term abortions--and, correspondingly, babies born alive and not aborted--are considered even more valuable than babies aborted earlier, because their more highly-developed tissue and organs are mostly intact. Yes...there is a market out there for dismembered babies.

Gruesome, for sure. But such horrific stories of inhumanity...along with the breathless advocacy for unfettered access to abortion, taking place all around the world...makes even clearer the deep divide between the culture of life, and the culture of death. The forces, if you will, of good and evil. The United States of America must never bow to the demands of any nation or world body campaigning for any seemingly noble outcome that would be purchased at the expense of our humanity. No short-term gain will ever outweigh the cost of our moral failure.