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Remembering Orphans in Their Distress

  • Mike Farris, Esq. President of Patrick Henry College
  • 2001 11 Dec
Remembering Orphans in Their Distress

As Chairman of the Board of the relief organization Christian Freedom International (CFI), I have been troubled to hear of the plight of the Karen children in Thailand, which the organization cares for.  I want to tell the story of one of these children, and share something you can do to help the Karen orphans as you prepare for the holidays this year.


On a rugged mountainside in Thailand, close to the Burmese border, a refugee camp shelters thousands of Karen people who have been run out of their homes and villages through ethnic and religious persecution.  Among the Karen at Mae La, there are about one hundred children who are living in orphanages operated by CFI.  Naw Moo Nay Paw is one of these.  A beautiful, tiny wisp of a girl, she has been through much in her thirteen years.  Her story is similar to those of the other children at Mae La.  When she and her sister were younger, they lived in Burma with their parents.  Naw Moo Nay Paw says they taught her stories and legends that had been told among the Karen for many years. 


thai girl in orphanage

  One story was about a legend which came true.  The Karen believed for many    years that a pale faced man would one day come with a golden book and tell them about the one true God.  This legend was fulfilled when a missionary came from the United States with his Bible and told them about Jesus.  Many Karen became Christians under Adoniram Judson’s teaching of the Scriptures, and since then, the tribe has been mostly Christian.  Naw Moo Nay Paw’s parents were Christians and because of their faith, they became targets of a Buddhist Karen guerilla group which wants to purge Burma of Christians.  This group killed Naw Moo Nay Paw’s parents and other Christians in the village, and forced those whom they did not kill to leave.  An aunt brought the girls to Mae La, where they have lived for several years.


This holiday season you can do something to help these children when you buy gifts for yours.  Christian Freedom International is introducing an exclusive Karen porcelain doll.  Named after the girl in the story above, Naw Moo Nay Paw has dark shiny hair and a colorful handmade Karen dress.  She carries the traditional Karen handbag, just like the real Naw Moo Nay Paw carries to the CFI school she attends.  The doll comes with a book which tells Naw Moo Nay Paw’s true story. 


All proceeds from this Karen doll go to fund the Karen orphanages through CFI. For more information contact CFI at 1-800-323-2273.  Due to current Web site construction, information about the doll  is not available on their site,   


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