Discover the Book - September 10


How to Raise Beautiful Daughters

The other day while standing in one of those endless lines at the super market my eyes caught the following headlines on a newspaper, "World's most beautiful woman hospitalized". Quickly whipping out my cell phone I called Bonnie and immediately knew it was a false story . . .  actually, it was about Elizabeth Taylor married countless times, unhappy, overweight and in ill health. The world probably has no better candidate for that role. But God does.

The Most Beautiful Women in God's Word

Today may I introduce again the beautiful woman of God's Word? MARY, the mother of James and Jesus!

~Who is presented as the most honored woman in the BibleMARY

~Who was chosen out of all the women in the whole world to raise God's Son? Mary

~Who is the greatest living, breathing example of Proverbs 31 in ordinary everyday life? MARY

~Without exception who is probably the most beloved and best known woman in the world? MARY

Luke 3:23 gives us an unusual insight. It appears to some scholars that this is because Matthew traces the legal descent of the house of David using only heirs to the throne, while Luke traces the complete line of Joseph to David. A more likely explanation, however, is that Matthew follows the line of Joseph (Jesus' legal father), while Luke emphasizes that of Mary (Jesus' blood relative). Although tracing a genealogy through the mother's side was unusual, so was the virgin birth. Luke's explanation here that Jesus was the son of Joseph, "so it was thought" (v. 23), brings to mind his explicit virgin birth statement (1:34-35) and suggests the importance of the role of Mary in Jesus' genealogy.

How Did Mary's Father Raise Her?

So what are some of the ways Heli, father of Mary, may have directed his daughter?

I.  HELI ENCOURAGED THAT MARY LISTENED TO GOD.  (Luke 1:26-28). Like Samuel was told, come to God's Word and say, "Speak Lord, your servant hears." And every time we open this book, He does speak. It is only a question of are we listening!

II. HELI ENCOURAGED THAT MARY HUMBLED HERSELF BEFORE GOD SAID YES TO GOD'S GRACE.   (Luke 1:29 Who me?) No airs, no pride, just a humble troubled heart that anyone would even say such a thing. She knew her own heart, certainly God would to! She was Saved by God. (Luke 1:30 lit. ‘discovered grace of God ‘) Mary joined the countless multitude who are heirs of life eternal by God's grace. Her study of the Word led her to the open arms of "God my Savior".

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