Abiding Above - October 28, 2013

Freedom In Sickness

October 28, 2013

Christ, the Great Physician is your Savior and Lord, and also your best friend. He loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. Yes, in this life it is possible to get physically sick and sometimes this can even mean death. You can know my friend; this has nothing to do with the level of God’s love for you. He loves you with an eternal and sacrificial love and the cross so clearly proves that.

You see, it is hard for us to think eternally because what we see and think of mostly in our day-to-day lives deals with the temporary. God sees in light of eternity. God sees our sickness and troubles as momentary light afflictions. Sometimes He heals by a direct miracle that can only come from Him. Sometimes He uses medicine in the process of healing. And yes, sometimes He allows those He loves with an eternal love to pass from this life and join Him in heaven. This cannot be explained. It is simply the will of God. I can say this with certainty, though we may be sad when a loved one passes away, if they are truly born again they are not sad, they are happy with Jesus in heaven waiting on you to get there.

Now, when you are sick you can have the pastor and deacons of the church pray for you. We see this in James 5:14-15 –“They may place their hands on you or they may anoint you with oil. But remember, this is only showing they are totally trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to make you well. They have no special powers. They are the same as you if you are a Christian. You have Christ living in you the same as them. My friend, you must rely on God’s will and not man’s.”

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