Making Travel Time Educational

Debra Bell

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Last week, I talked about how much enjoyment we have found in listening to audiotapes while traveling. Here are a few more tips for making travel time educational.

Bring your Geosafari unit
Even though this popular electronic game is now available as software, my kids have always preferred the original unit. This is a great investment for a home-schooling family, and many companies now manufacture game cards. We carry many of these at the Home School Resource Center ( and you will find lots of choices at your local teacher supply store or home- school vendor. One or two players can play the Geosafari unit, so it's a great way to keep a couple of siblings occupied.

Play the license plate game
The best $4.00 I ever spent was on a booklet of license plate stickers that each of my kids could place on the appropriate state as we spotted a car from that locale while traveling. You can find these books at AAA, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or a teacher supply store. It took us almost two years of travel to find all the plates; our last one, Hawaii; we spotted in the parking lot of a grocery store. The kids and I left an excited note under the wipers informing the owner of our thrill at finally completing our book.

Kids Learn America! Bringing Geography to Life with People, Places and History
This great book by Patricia Gordon contains a double-page spread devoted to each of the 50 states with suggested activities. My kids enjoyed reading this when we were on a multi-state trip.

The American Automobile Association has been a vital part of our home-school education as well. Annual membership is critical for any home-school mom who spends time alone on the road with her kids. My kids have also learned map-skills from following along as we travel or from helping to navigate. We always pick up the tour guide for any place we are headed. There is a lot of background information on the states, cities ,and sites; and AAAs recommendation can be trusted.

Ride With Me travel tapes by Robert Magee
As you travel major highways of the U.S., Magee provides wonderful locale color about various mile markers you pass on the way. His tapes will keep everyone glued to the windows. You can see a selection of his tapes at There are tapes for many states, most major highways, and many historical sites.

If you have tips for helping other home-schooling families enjoy their time in the car this summer, why not post your ideas in the forums. Thanks.

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