Five step process to presentation

Simplified the process looks like this:

Devotion – To touch their hearts, the Word must touch yours.

Illustration - Metaphor - a picture is worth a thousand words

Memorization - The 14 days before preaching - repetition, reflection

Presentation - the preaching event

Evaluation - What worked, what didn't, what was learned

After some time and practice using this method, you can eventually move to preaching completely without notes. You can do this by taking about an extra fifteen minutes a day to read your sermon scriptures that are ‘in the chute’ If you use note cards, put them on a bulletin board.

If you are using a notebook, mark that page and re-read it every day. This repetition will help you keep in mind what illustrations, and other scriptures to add to your sermon. By adding a couple weeks to work ahead – you can really get that scripture deep down inside. You can still make your notes, or manuscript. Because you have spent a longer time with the text, it will begin to flow from within during the preaching event.

What is the result of doing sermons in this manner? First of all it’s a shared event. The congregation is reading the scripture the week it is presented. It’s a shared event with a few that give insight and observation that is beyond our own existence. It becomes a team event, with the minister reflecting a relevant word for right now. Secondly, it’s a deeply moving event. The preaching event has a better chance to touch others because of the closeness you have developed with it over a set span of time. Finally, It gives the preaching event a good chance of connection by being visual, experiential, culturally relevant and doctrinally sound. This is the most fun I have ever had preaching, and this can make a difference for you.