Find articles and other information that offer spiritual guidance for women at! Spiritual growth is important to all Christian women and here at Crosswalk we strive to provide resources to help women improve their marriages, and relate to their children according to the Bible and the word of God.

Spiritual Growth and Encouragement for Christian Women

Jennifer Heeren
Do I Have to be Brave to be a Christian?Jennifer Heeren

I’ve always been a wader. Some people are divers, jumping into life with barely a second thought.

Cindi McMenamin
When God's Word StingsCindi McMenamin

Admit it, there are parts of the Bible that are difficult to digest, and even sometimes cause us to question our faith.

Brett Wilson
5 Words Every Woman Needs to Stop Saying Right NowBrett Wilson

Uttering these five words will make you stop short of your dreams and calling. I'm guilty of saying them...are you?

Jennifer Slattery
How to Maintain (Imperfect) FriendshipsJennifer Slattery

Will you allow your friend to be imperfect? To have times of callousness and selfishness, just like you have?


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