Find articles and other information that offer spiritual guidance for women at! Spiritual growth is important to all Christian women and here at Crosswalk we strive to provide resources to help women improve their marriages, and relate to their children according to the Bible and the word of God.

Spiritual Growth and Encouragement for Christian Women

Cortni Marrazzo
When to Just Say "No"Cortni Marrazzo

Learning to say this two letter word can help save you a lot of heartache and bring some much needed peace in your life.

Whitney Hopler
How to Stretch Your Life to Fit God’s Plans for YouWhitney Hopler

In order to truly fulfill God’s purposes for your life, you’ll have to take risks.

Cindi McMenamin
3 Steps for Bringing Peace to the Battlefield of Your HomeCindi McMenamin

Are you tired of living on a battlefield? Does it seem like every time you turn around there's an argument brewing?

Sarah Coleman
Jesus: More than Just Our TeacherSarah Coleman

Most people called Jesus, "Rabbi." But to Mary, the resurrected Christ was more. Is he more than a teacher to you?


  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
  • Alex Crain
  • Russ Jones
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