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Your Pastor and Public MessesDr. James Emery White

Let’s be clear: as pastors, we’re not supposed to be leading in a way that creates a public mess. The Bible lays out certain qualificatio...

Lead with Empathy, Love Your Neighbor, Let the Truth Come Out -- A Response to FergusonAl Mohler

We need to lead with empathy, understanding that the ability to empathize is an ability to understand every single human being around us ...

Three Pitfalls for Young Evangelical LeadersDaniel Darling

As I interact and read some of the work of the evangelicals in my generation I'm noticing some tendencies. I notice them in my own leader...

Three Reasons Why Christians Should Keep Their CoolDaniel Darling

Yes, the end is near. Which means we should be sober, mature, and discerning.

Dethroning Celebrity PastorsJoe Thorn

How do we protect ourselves from the danger of celebrityism—on whatever level we might experience it? Here is a place to start.


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