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Christian Homeschool Resources & Homeschooling Advice

Amelia Harper
Cyber Authorship: Inspired Writing for the Internet AgeAmelia Harper

By starting a blog, posting notes on Facebook, or simply writing emails, you expand your audience and your purpose in writing.

Jessica Parnell
What To Do About Homeschool Burnout BluesJessica Parnell

When cloudy weather strikes your homeschool domicile, how do you snap out of the slump?

Leigh A. Bortins
Remembering the Past: A Classical Approach to HistoryLeigh A. Bortins

The classical model of education relies on the skills of the Trivium—Latin for “three roads:” grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

Sarah Dugger
Using the iPad for HomeschoolingSarah Dugger

Homeschooling with an iPad opens many doors. Educational games, e-reader tools, and videos are popular in my house!

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