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Christian Homeschool Resources & Homeschooling Advice

Angelina Stanford
A Peek Inside the Non-Christian WorldviewAngelina Stanford

Many cultures adopt Christian morality. But what happens when the dominant culture is no longer Christian?

Home Educating Family Association Contributor
11 Ways to Help Teens Who Self-HarmHome Educating Family Association Contributor

Do you have a child who is suffering with a pain so deep that they feel a need to cut, medicate, or even desire to commit suicide?

Kimberly Kulp
Common Core, Testing, and Your Rights Kimberly Kulp

Simply put, Common Core is an educational lab experiment with no evidence of success and our children are the guinea pigs.

Lea Ann Garfias
3 Simple Steps to Teaching WorldviewLea Ann Garfias

As homeschool mothers, one of our most important jobs—maybe the most important?—is to teach our children how to think

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Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"



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