The kind hearted, kid-centric themes embodied in Scribblenauts makes it a perfect buy for anyone.  Kids and adults alike will fall in love with the challenge of coming up with new and interesting ways to solve puzzles.  While a person can use weapons in the game, the animation is so cartoon-like that the game lacks any real violence.  Even when swatting a bee with a fly-swatter, the bee simply falls over and disappears in a cloud of smoke.  Also, as I mentioned before, players are rewarded for completing tasks without bringing weapons into the game play.  So while a gun might easily knock over five bottles, so might a well-thrown baseball.


Simply put, Scribblenauts is one of the best games for the Nintendo DS.  While the controls are greatly lacking, the innovative game-play, fun soundtrack and colorful graphics are addictive.  With the initial success of this game, you can likely expect to see a sequel to Scribblenauts.  I recommend this game to children and adults alike.


(Rated E for Everyone | 10+ age | Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief)