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Achieving Emotional Sobriety

Sobriety — being sober in our approach to certain aspects of living — is not only wise, but Biblical as well.

  • Dr. David Hawkins, The Marriage Recovery Center |
  • March 22, 2011 |
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The Single Life: Baby Steps to Better Health

There is something about the beginning of springtime that seems to make healthier choices somewhat more appealing. Maybe it comes from shedding the sweaters for T-shirts or the uncomfortable realization that we just polished off an entire box of Thin Mints and called it dinner. (Or is that just me?)

Should In-Laws be Outlawed?

There are three hot-button topics that are a source of conflict at some point in most marriages. Sex and money vie for first place, but arguments about in-laws must surely be close behind...

  • Deborah Raney and Tobi Layton |
  • March 22, 2011 |
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Power Loss: Japan's Disaster Hits the Nuclear Industry

Even if Japan avoids a catastrophic meltdown, the failures at some of its nuclear reactors deal a blow to the nuclear power industry worldwide.

Not Gaga over 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga's latest hit has unintentionally raised some important questions which go far beyond sexual orientation.

Should Evangelicals Apologize to Native Americans?

In 2009, the US government apologized to Native Americans. It is time for evangelicals to agree.

  • Dr. Warren Throckmorton |
  • March 20, 2011 |
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A Different Kind of Mom: Making an Impact at Home and in the World for Christ

I wonder if the reason that today's Christian mothers have an unfulfilling parenting experience is because they have misunderstood the purpose of their lives, and how motherhood fits into that purpose to begin with.

  • Helen Lee, author of "The Missional Mom" |
  • March 18, 2011 |
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Lead Your Adult Children Back to Christ

If you’ve suffered the pain of seeing one or more of your adult children leave the faith, you may feel as if there’s nothing you can do to lead them back to Christ now that they’re no longer living with you.

  • Whitney Hopler, Contributor |
  • March 18, 2011 |
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Combat Sexual Pressure by Changing the Script

Youth consistently believe that more of their peers are having sex than they really are. Our young people need to know they are not alone in their choice to live sexually pure lives.

  • Rebecca Hagelin, Author |
  • March 18, 2011 |
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Until God's Whisper is Heard: Being His Voice Amid Tragedy

As I watch the horrible images from Japan unfold, I can't help but think about the story of another earthquake told in 1 Kings 19...

Working in Harmony: Aid Returns the Gospel to Japan

Christianity and Japan have not mixed well over the centuries. But relief work presents the Japanese people with the Gospel in a new, culturally significant way.

Helping Your Child Make Sense of Disaster

Even a little person can make a big difference. As Japan's disaster recovery unfolds, there are sure to be abundant lessons that will be relevant to children's hearts.

Being For People and the World Rather than Against

Too often, our attitude toward the surrounding culture and those who make it up is judgmental and condemning. We thoughtlessly criticize anything that isn’t distinctly Christian. We vilify and ridicule the representatives of “godless culture” and rather than engage with and love the lost, we take offense and withdraw into our Christian enclaves. This is devastating to the church and it's mission.

Four Prescriptions for Community

How will Satan attack your church? Does he have a primary strategy, one that seldom fails?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • March 16, 2011 |
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The "Epic Fail Pastors Conference" Lets Ministers Admit Humanity, Frustration

Most pastors' conferences are flashy events with rock bands and presentations from megachurch pastors who talk about their great successes, usually in terms of numbers. But J.R. Briggs says those presentations didn't match the daily realities for most pastors, so he organized the Epic Fail Pastors Conference.

On the Ground in Japan, Christians Get to Work

Christian organizations and missionaries in Japan are already busy coordinating relief efforts while international groups wait to get inside the country.

When the Earth Moves: Pray for the People of Japan

The people of Japan are now on our hearts. We must pray for them even as we do all within our power to help.

On Hearing about an Earthquake

My first response was, "Does that mean there will be an earthquake in California, where I live?" Then someone reminded me: this story is not about me.

  • John Mark Reynolds |
  • March 15, 2011 |
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Successful Stepfamilies Require More Than Luck

It takes time to create a stepfamily that is genuinely working together and has high prospects of success.

  • Gil and Brenda Stuart, Restored & Remarried |
  • March 13, 2011 |
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