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'Sex and the iWorld': Recovering Healthy Relationships

iWorlders are dissolving long-established boundaries because they believe that people are happiest making their own moral and relational choices--and the Church has turned a blind eye.

Discomfort with Dad Signifies a Deeper Problem

The Atlantic recently made the case that "there's nothing objectively essential about his contribution" in an age when any two adults can make a family. Are fathers unnecessary after all?

Sued for Self-Preservation: Arizona's Immigration Solution

By suing the state of Arizona for “unconstitutionally” passing immigration legislation, the federal government is tacitly acknowledging its dereliction of duty.

'Only' a Preacher: The Pastor's Place in Community Influence

Pastors no longer automatically hold positions of community influence. But they can -- and should -- earn a place in their communities by participating in them.

Theo-tainment versus Discipleship

How Much Do You Have to Hate Someone to Not Proselytize?

You'd think that this current climate of spiritual openness and hunger for spiritual experience should be a perfect setting for evangelism. But that's not what is happening.

The Alien Among Us: A Conservative Christian Perspective

A moral and just immigration policy should reflect God's attitude towards immigrants. To paraphrase Kepler, man is at his best when he "thinks God's thoughts after him."

The Snare of Beauty — Flashpoints of Our Obsession with Attractiveness

Beauty, says philosopher Roger Scruton, "is never viewed with indifference." Those words ring true after this week's Newsweek article that purports to offer evidence that employers are more likely to hire attractive people.

Another Turn of the Screw: The Court and Religious Freedom

In a world where what's increasingly being required of Christians goes beyond "tolerance" to actual participation in activities contrary to God's law, we must be prepared to say "no."

Did Jonah Truly Repent?

Life is Difficult: A Lesson from the Life of Job

Life is not just difficult, it's downright unfair. Welcome to Job's world...

  • Charles R. Swindoll |
  • August 07, 2008 |
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Does God Lie?

Is God completely truthful if He ordains lies?

Flabbergasted by Family: Sperm Donor Kids are Struggling

It’s sad but not surprising—the children of sperm donors are having problems. A new study titled “My Daddy’s Name Is Donor" details their troubles.

Faith in the Military: Chaplains and Alliance Defense Fund

The impending repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy would be a serious threat to the careers of our nation's military chaplains—who may have to choose between obeying God or obeying man.

Tort Reform: A Libertarian's Misplaced Attack on the Constitution

It will be readily admitted by this attorney that yes, tort lawyers can, and sometimes do, lie. But what other alternatives do wronged people have except vigilantism?

What is Truth?

For milennia mankind has asked, "What is truth?" And, like Pilate, so many people have missed it (even though it was right in front of them) because they were asking the wrong question. The question is not what is truth, but rather who is truth.

A Believer for All Seasons

God intends for Christians to flourish in all seasons, regardless of our situations, and we will only do that as we renew our minds to think as He thinks, to live as He lives, and to love as He loves.

“Who, Me?” Overcoming the Fear of Inadequacy

The fear of inadequacy has the power to paralyze, but we can move beyond it and live a life that glorifies God. By His grace, we can change our thinking patterns, admit our fears, and move forward despite them.

The Blood of the Tea Party?

This is a multifaceted movement, but one thing seems certain: those taking pleasure assailing Tea Partiers may enliven the very movement they endeavor to destroy.

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