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Dr. Paul J. Dean Christian Blog and Commentary Archives

Dr. Paul J. Dean

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Dr. Paul Dean is a pastor, cultural commentator, and author. He serves as a Regional Mentor with the International Association of Biblical Counselors, speaks at several conferences throughout the year, and provides training for ministers and churches on a regular basis. Paul resides in the Upstate of South Carolina with his wife and three children.

What to Do About Young Voters Who Feel Abandoned

President Obama has a problem: volunteers seem uninterested this time around. That’s startling considering that under-thirty-somethings worked on campaigns at a higher rate than the population at large in 2008 for the first time since 1950. Yet, as The New York Times reported sometime back, the campaign rallies on college campuses that formerly felt like rock concerts are now drawing only a few students.

The Shining City on a Hill: America?

Most American Christians believe that America has a special place in God's heart.

What’s the Story? It’s Spinning out of Control

We’ve all heard of “spin” or “spinning a story.” Newscasters give us their spin on different events everyday and we understand that. That’s why we watch our favorite stories analyzed to death; we want to get as much information and opinion as we can. But we’ve moved beyond spin as a culture and it’s not a good thing. We’ve moved into changing reality itself

Preventing Government Intrusion into Our Lives

South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is becoming a bit intrusive. In our neighborhood we have a pool and swim team. To prevent injury, coaches remove the ladders from the pool during practice and meets. They are making wise decisions for themselves and their swimmers based on experience. DHEC however, has consistently insisted the ladders be bolted into the concrete to prevent them from coming out while someone is climbing out of the water.

Is the Biblical Role of Government to “Do Good” for Us?

It's fairly common among American Christians to see the role of government as doing good for the citizens of a nation. We not only live in a time when much is provided by government at tax-payer expense, including housing, food stamps, welfare, ball parks, playgrounds, and tennis courts, to name a few, but we often impose the American experience onto the Scriptures rather than let the Scriptures guide our steps.

Part 3 – Why God Let’s You Suffer: So You Can Experience the Joy of Comforting Others

Twenty-five years ago my father suffered a major heart-attack and needed by-pass surgery. That’s a frightening prospect for anyone at anytime. Even so in his case, because the technology wasn’t where it is today and his heart was so damaged, the weight of the whole thing was particularly heavy. You can imagine the anxiety we were feeling.

Should We Legislate Christianity?

Why are there Bible-believing Christians on opposite sides when it comes to the issue of church and state?

Part 2 – Why God Let’s You Suffer: So You Can Endure to the End

The old saying “when it rains it pours” seems to be true sometimes when it comes to the trials we face in life. There are occasions when we seem to be in one trial and get hit with another. That feeling or reality, as the case may be, is not far from what James actually tells us. He lovingly says, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials” (Jas. 1:2).

Government Recruitment of Homosexual Adoptive Parents and You

Do we live in a pluralistic society or is that changing? A pluralistic society is simply one that is built on religious freedom, a principle that originates from the New Testament. On the other hand, pluralism as a worldview is the notion that all religions, values, philosophies, and truth claims must be seen as equally valid. As a nation we’re headed toward adopting pluralism as our national religion

The National Debt: Does it Matter What Christians Think?

Where do you stand on the national debt and what we should do about it? Christians should have an informed opinion on these issues.

“Help Me If You Can, I’m Feeling Down:” How to Overcome Unwanted Feelings, Emotions, and Desires

Musicians often know what the problem is, but they really don’t know the solution. When the Beatles sang, “Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody,” no words could have been more true. Of course, they weren’t talking about the Lord Jesus . . .

Can I Overcome Unwanted Emotions, Feelings, or Desires?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to overcome everything life throws at us; things like depression, anxiety, anger, lust, or discontentment? What if we had the capacity to deal with unwanted emotions and feelings; or the ability to handle circumstances that catch us off guard or even blow us away?

Can I Have Peace No Matter What?

Peace in this world is illusive. How many American presidents have tried to bring peace to the Middle East only to fail? How many wars have been fought to end all wars? “The Doors” famous song “Peace Frog” is about a lack of peace. Even during times of relative peace, there are always personal circumstances that bring an end to our peace. Here’s the real question in light of all that, can we truly have peace of mind no matter what? It seems impossible.

“Just Livin’ the Life!”

There’s a phrase that conjures up a life that’s care-free, at peace, and enjoyable. Sometimes people say they’re “just livin’ the life.” The idea is that I’m just living this unbelievably sought-after life. Of course, that’s a fantasy...

Do You Expect me to Forgive You?

What New Year’s Resolutions Say About the Culture and the Church

Not surprisingly, the top two categories of resolutions had to do with issues related to weight/health and debt/finances.

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