11:45 AM If you are on the weekly sermon list and you have not yet received this week's sermon, "Elijah and the Ravens," send an email to ray@keepbelieving.com and I will send you a copy personally. When I restarted the sermons three weeks ago, we switched to a new system that worked fine until this week when hundreds of emails came bouncing back to me. Nearly all of them were AOL addresses. There are 269 AOL addresses out of 2261 addresses on the total list. I have spent hours trying to figure out what happened and how to send out the sermon to the AOL folks. Each time I get a message that sounds like AOL is blocking emails from my address. We had this happen to all our church email a few years ago and never got it resolved until we changed our domain name. So at this point I don't know who has received the sermon and who hasn't. If you didn't get a copy on Thursday or Friday, let me know and I'll send you a copy. Technology is wonderful except when it doesn't work right.

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