A few days ago I posted some pictures from the Anchor Book Depot in Chicago. That day we were shipping books to Dr. Bob Cosby in Logansport, Indiana. Here is an email we received from him this morning:

"Got the Anchor books the other day and have already had an inmate relate his testimony of having been saved as a result of having read the book."

This is incredibly good news on so many levels. Eternally it’s the best news ever. This is the first report we’ve received since re-opening the Book Depot of someone coming to Christ. We pray that this inmate who came to Christ will be the firstfruits of many others in the future.

At the Keep Believing board meeting last week, I shared a devotional from Zechariah 4:1-6 where I emphasized that when anything good is done for the Lord, we always have to say, “God did it!” And so we say about this inmate who came to Christ through reading An Anchor for the Soul–-God did it!

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