Scott Mahlstedt sent me this email:

Doreen and I are watching the PBR event from Chihuahua, Mexico this evening. We just saw a young bull rider named Tyler Thomson buck off a bull named Pastor Ray

Thought you might be flattered? amused?

I don't know what to say, except that it reminds me that back in the late 90s Gary and Dawn Olson would come over to our home in Oak Park, and we (meaning Gary and I) would watch bull riding on the Nashville Network on a show originating (most of the time) from the Mesquite Rodeo in Dallas. Donnie Gay, the commentator, would say when the ride started, "He's got him a good seat." And then suddenly the cowboy would go flying through the air. We got into it so much that one summer Marlene and I and Gary and Dawn drove out to the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming and watched three or four days of live rodeo together.

Meanwhile, back to Pastor Ray. I'm happy to see that he hasn't been successful ridden yet this season. So far he's thrown off both cowboys that have tried to ride him. He threw off Cord Mcoy and Tyler Thomson in an average of 5.30 seconds. Sounds good to me.

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