Last September I spoke at the Pentagon Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. We have just posted the podcast of the message I delivered that morning to a group of around 100 military personnel–from enlisted men and women all the way up to general officers. When I announced that I was going to speak on “Why you need your enemies and your enemies need you,” there was a knowing chuckle from the audience because those men and women live in one of the most pressure-packed environments on earth.

During our two days at the there, we got to meet a number of men and women who not only serve our country at the highest levels, they also serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day they make decisions that impact our troops around the world. I can report to you that God is at work in the Pentagon as these men and women live out their faith every day.

After the prayer breakfast, Pentagon Chaplain Col. William “Whiz” Broome presented me with a flag flown over the Pentagon. He not only asked us to remember our visit but also to pray for those who serve Christ there.  

If you have a moment, I hope you’ll check out the podcast and share a bit of that experience with us. 

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