My good friend Steve Tanner reminded me that once again he is sponsoring 25 Days of Christmas Music leading up to Christmas Day. Here is his explanation:

Starting December 1 through December 25, I’ll be posting new music each day that you can download, no strings attached. It’s all FREE, FREE, FREE! Songs will be in MP3 format – so you can listen via any media player or your iPod. It’s just like an audio advent calendar, except that you won’t have to fight with your dumb sister over who gets to open the next little door!
And the Theme is...
With economic times difficult, cutbacks abounding, and our financial system in the toilet, you’d expect the same from me, right? No sir! Here at Steve’s 25 Days of Christmas Music, we’re not only going to give you a free song to download each day... we’re going to give you 2 songs each day. That’s 50 songs in 25 days!
Welcome to our Dueling December Ditties. Each day until Christmas I’ll post two versions of the same song as part of a music duel. You are welcome to download each, then vote and comment regarding which version of the song you liked better!

Steve has also put the archives from 2001-2007 online. When combined with this year’s songs, that equals almost 12 hours of Christmas music, all free for downloading. I love this idea, I’m glad Steve is doing it, and I hope many of you will visit his site each day between now and December 25.

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