Mark has posted some new pictures from China.

Josh has posted pictures of Thanksgiving at the cabin. Look for the November 28 entry.

Andy McQuitty's weekly note references something I wrote about the date of Jesus' birth and draws some helpful application.

Ryan Whitley writes a blog called Just One More.

Check out Ron's Reflections.

Larry Snyder has a fine blog called Coram Deo.

Steve Nicholes writes a weblog from Korea called Just My Two Cents

Gwyneth and Rex Bledsoe started a unique website called embracing truth. Here is their explanation:

We developed a personal web site that shares our faith and directs people to other Christian web sites, such as yours and It is mainly targeted for seekers, so we hand out a card with our web site whenever we strike up a conversation and if it seems appropriate. We call it "dining evangelism" as it's easy to leave a card with the tip. We're hoping more Christians will take up the challenge of internet opportunities of reaching people for Christ.

What a creative idea to reach people in this Internet-driven generation.

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