If you’re a parent, you’re probably familiar with the Toy Story movie franchise. The films highlight the secret lives of toys. Here’s a scene from Toy Story 3 featuring a Spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear.

So Rex presses one simple button, and an entire personality is reset.

That’s how it sometimes feels to be a parent of a teenager. All of a sudden, you’re seeing a different side to your child’s personality that just wasn’t there before. And I should know – we now have a teenager in the Daly household.

That’s why the two-part broadcast that starts today, “Speaking Your Teen’s Love Language,” was such a great one for me to work on. I was really looking forward to my conversation with our guest, Dr. Gary Chapman, in a way I wouldn’t have just a year or two ago.

Dr. Chapman brings good insight into the emotional and mental changes young adults face, and how parents can process some of those difficult “power struggle” incidents they are starting to encounter with their teen.

If you’re the parent or grandparent of a teenager, or hope to be someday, you might want to put this broadcast on your “to do” list today. As always, you can listen to the broadcast through your local radio station, online, or via our free app.

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