My inner worrier

As I yesterday wrote a bit about here, tomorrow my wife Catherine is going into the hospital for a little Major Surgery. I can already tell that while she's under the knife, the top 10 things I'll be in the waiting room worrying about will be:

1. The surgeon sneezing at a critical moment in the operation.

2. One of the nurses saying, "Hey. Where's my other glove?" after the surgery is over.

3. Cat's anesthesia wearing off about half-way through the operation.

4. Cat's anesthesia never wearing off.

5. In an administrative snafu, Cat getting confused with another patient who is suffering from advanced gangrene.

6. The surgeon and nurses secretly being part of a Russian gang of black market organ harvesters.

7. The night-shift worker who was supposed to sharpen all the surgery tools calling in sick the night before, and no one being assigned their tasks.

8. The surgeon not being able to make the surgery, and sending in her stead one of the top two or three students in her advanced physiology grad class.

9. During the operation Cat, a great napper, imagining that she's sleeping, and trying to roll over.

10. That before we left the house I forgot to turn off the stove.

(What I'll be worried about today is that anyone shows the poor girl this blog post.)


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