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Julianna Morlet

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Julianna Morlet is the girl behind the lifestyle blog, The Girl That Sings. Her blog is focused on her journey as a homemade singer, writer, speaker. If she could sum up who she is in one sentence it'd be, "A visionary idealist who wishes to conquer the world before her 25th birthday." She is the eldest of six children, and is being well-seasoned and fashioned by this life. From sexual abuse, to a blended family, to a baby sister with leukemia, to college in the mid-west and her journey as a homemade singer and worship leader, she has been led to a faith in God that cannot be shaken. You can find her at, Facebook, and Twitter.

Leaving and Loving Well | Lessons Learned from Leaving the People You Love

“There are times when the actual experience of leaving something makes you wish desperately that you could stay, and then there are times when the leaving reminds you a hundred times over why exactly you had to leave in the first place.” ― Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet

Job Song | Antioch Worship Album

[MUSIC VIDEO] This song is near and dear to my heart because Tyson wrote it based on the story of Job and compelled by our current season of life. It's a song that I sing boldly and yet still very broken before my God.

On Songwriting & A Worship Album

Ty would sit down to write but nothing sounded right and everything was pretty messy. It was frustrating to say the least. Mostly for him as he sincerely begged God to give him songs for the church.

On Writer's Block

I think I have writer's block. Summer came and went and the book stayed unopened, un-edited, and unwritten. Then one night Ty and I had a bit of an argument and after agreeing to disagree I laid in bed wide awake, mentally begging God to let me sleep.

From Faux Peace to All-Surpassing Peace

Lately I've been indirectly fearful. I'd like to call it smart, trusting, or even okay with whatever happens. But now I see it for what it is: faux (or fake) peace.

Seeing Mother's Day from the Other Side

'These are for you, because you're a mommy twice.' I forgot we give out roses for mothers on Mother's Day. She remembered me.

Ending the Weary Season

Dear Season, please end soon. I'm really tired and need you to move on. Thanks for everything you've taught me but it's time for you to go.

We Aren't Meant to be Self-S... (A Thought Interrupted)

"I have an overwhelming tendency towards self-sufficiency..." I don't even remember the rest of the sentence, but as soon as those words flew out of her mouth, I leaned over to Ty and said, "I want to be her friend." Why? Because that is me. I have an overwhelming tendency towards self-sufficiency.

The Boy I Met at Starbucks

I didn't know this boy. I had no idea what kind of trouble or circumstances got him to the streets, but I do know that he is someone's son.

What No One Ever Told Me About My 20s | Series Summary

There are some things people don't or can't warn you for in life. I think life as a 20-something is one of those things. Check out stories from these great authors on their life changing moments as 20-somethings.

In My 20s, My Identity Ran Away on Auto-Pilot

And suddenly, it hits us, like an avalanche of confusion and emotion. No one had prepared me for the psychological roller-coaster one experiences in their 20s. I didn't know who I was anymore and where I really wanted to go from here.

In My 20s, I Realized It Wasn't All About Me

I was one of those girls waaaaaay back in my teens and 20s who could never be told anything. I didn't want or need advice because I had it ALL figured out. I knew better. I saw things more clearly. I had life by the reins and I was in control.

What No One Told Me About My 20s | Blog Series

I quickly realized I'd crossed over. I'd crossed over to the side of youth that one can never come back from. Am I being a little dramatic? Yes. But that's only because no one warned me!

The Poison of Indifference

Indifferent is a dangerous state of being. It means one's feelings are becoming numb. It represents lack of interest orhaving no particular interest; unconcerned. One just is. It is often mistaken for acceptance, denial, or tolerance, but it's much much shadier than that.

What Are You Singing This Weekend? | #Sundaysetlist

Tell us what songs your church is singing!

How Much Do We Really Need People?

I've noticed when I begin to relate closely with other people, there are times when I realize there are things I've thought for years, or opinions I hold, that fall flat.

10 Essential Singing Tips

Everyone loves to sing. And truth is, everyone CAN sing. Yup. I said it.

How I Tried to Have an Eating Disorder

I've never been fully satisfied with the size, shape, and mass of my body. More days than not, I stand naked in front of the mirror, readying for the day with mean thoughts of inadequacy shouting at my reflection. Not out loud of course. Someone might hear me. But they're there.

Dear Church Despisers | A Blog Series | We're Sorry

Somewhere in the line of history, society got this crazy idea that church people had it all together and whenever it appeared they didn't, they got stamped with a big fat "HYPOCRITE" tag. Failure somehow gave society permission to deny the validity of Christianity.

Dear Families of Church Employees | A Blog Series

Unfortunately, because you have family working in the Church, there is a greater chance you will become bitter at the Church due to circumstances and situations you are put in over the course of your parent's or spouse's employment.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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