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Kevin East

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Kevin East is the Executive Director of Family Matters. He and his wife Stephanie have five unbelievable kids, two of which they most recently adopted. If Kevin isn't busy with work or family, you'll probably find him in the woods near his house with a power tool. He writes at his blog, "Following to Lead". Connect with him on Twitter at @kevinteast.
Man is Like a Breath: Lessons from Two Women I Never Knew

We can get so caught up in the day to day that we forget we are spiritual people. Instead, we focus on things that won’t last.

Can You Explain the Gospel?

What Scripture would you use, in your effort to explain the Gospel?

Be Excellent Parents: 4 Ways to Set Your Children Free

What if we spent less time trying to mold our kids, and more time helping them be the godly people that God desires them to be?

The Three Best Lessons Young People Have Taught Me About Faith

Young people can teach us about worship, confidence, righteousness, and justice.

If You Are Free, Then Help Others Find True Freedom

Do you love your neighbors?

Creating a Plan for Raising Children: 12 Lessons to Teach Your Kids

We want our kids to have a deep love for Jesus, a humility that grounds them, and an overflowing love and desire to bless others.

Being a Strong Father in a Culture of Weak Men

Boys should be able to describe what a godly man looks like, having watched one from the time they were a little boy.

Do You Know What Will Knock You Out?

Sometimes it's what you least expect that will knock you out. Just ask Victor Ortiz. Recently, he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in a much anticipated boxing title match. Nobody would have ever guessed how it ended.

Begin With the End in Mind

My son had a lizard. Key word there - had. It was a good-looking little Bearded Dragon. He was only a few years old, and my kids didn't get it until just about 6 months ago. But to them, it was their friend. And that little friend breathed his last breath two nights ago. So long, "Spike."

"Macho, Macho Man" - What Is Biblical Masculinity

Doug Wilson stated that “Males will necessarily be dominant in any given culture, and the only question before that culture concerns whether or not that dominance will be constructive or destructive.”

Is Your Job Your Calling?

Years ago, I read the book "48 Days To The Work You Love" by Dan Miller. I was reading it to help a friend through a sticky situation. Little did I know I'd walk away from the book with a big lesson learned for myself.

Jesus, My Father, The FBI, and Mike

My dad was in the FBI for just shy of 30 years. As a kid, I thought everyone's dad took a gun off his belt and another off his ankle at the end of each work day. Now I know that everyone didn't have the chance to shoot an uzi with their dad at a gun range, or see him drive home in a telephone van as his temporary work vehicle. For me, it was just part of growing up.

Are You Following To Lead?

Leadership has become an idol for us. Well, it has for me. Over the years, I have found my focus shifting more and more to becoming a more effective leader. Maybe yours has too. For me, something needs to change.

Overcoming Rejection: What Good Can Come from It?

Let's be honest; life isn't fair. We've all had those experiences of being rejected. For some, it was simply boyfriends or girlfriends in years gone past. But for others, the painful experiences cut much deeper.

When Does A Boy Become A Man?

This is the million dollar question for our current generation of American boys. They are wandering, looking for answers.

The one question that helps you understand your passion

Blogging has its benefits. Over the last few months, and through the process of writing posts for this site, I have finally been able to verbalize what I'm most passionate about. You can too. It starts by answering one simple question.

Give Your Kids a Vision of Mission

Kids can smell hollow religiosity from a mile away. I'm glad they can. Such a shallow picture of relating to God is never what He had in mind. They are aching for so much more. You can show them what it looks like.

Dating for Dummies: How to talk to your spouse on a date

Bad dates with your spouse are almost as bad as not going on dates at all. Men, we often have the best of intentions when we go out to dinner with our wives. We might even follow up dinner with coffee. Chances are, though, that the conversation never goes deeper than a pithy overview of the week's activities.

What to do when your soul is weary

All of us know what being tired is like. Kids, work, school, church, and other activities can completely drain us. Tired is one thing. Being weary is different. It's much, much worse.

How to Inspire and Train Your Staff

Communicating vision and mission to your staff or volunteers is a monumental task. The opportunity for people to hear, understand and then respond is huge. How you begin the training sets the stage for the entirety of it. Don't think too small.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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