Faith Blog Posts

God Has a Bigger Plan

Death by Blogging!

Six Simple Words

A friend's e-mail ended with this statement: "God is God, good, and great." I was struck at once by their simplicity and profundity. How much truth those six little words contain.

Do You Preach From a Manuscript?

My Little Bimbo

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • April 05, 2008 |
  • comments
Is Sin Passé?

40 Years Ago

Intelligent Design: Has It Been Expelled?

More Idol Chatter

Your Identity in … Food

It's All In The Mind?

My bride and her female co-conspirators often forward silly e-mails that point out the unique qualities of men. My only defense is that the grey matter of the average male truly is different.

Turner Takes A(nother) Turn

A Better Tomorrow for Children

Why Death Is Like It Is

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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