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What's Hot? 6/3/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Study Affirms Link Between Childhood ADHD and Substance Abuse Risk

A new study confirms that ADHD alone significantly increases the risk of cigarette smoking and substance abuse in both boys and girls.

Early Marijuana Use Tied to Long-Term Brain Problems

New research shows that adults who smoked marijuana before age 15 have significant problems with attention span, impulse control, and "executive function" - the ability to plan and carry out tasks.

Young Athletes Use Fewer Drugs, but More Alcohol

Teens involved in team sports are less likely to smoke or use drugs, but drink more alcohol than non-athletic peers.

What's Hot? 5/27/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

YouTube at Six - It's BIG!

How big is YouTube? 3 billion videos viewed each day big!

Fewer Couples Embrace Marriage, More Live Together

Marriage is losing ground to a grinding economic slowdown that has prompted more couples to live together without tying the knot.

Teen Money Attitudes Shifting

A new survey finds that teens have watched their parents struggle with finances during the recession, and they've gotten the message.

A Generation’s Vanity, Heard Through Lyrics

In a new study, researchers have found a statistically significant trend toward narcissism and hostility in popular music.

100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are when the number of teen driving fatalities and injuries increases dramatically.

How Technology is Influencing Families

Barna Group recently completed a study about the influence of technology in families and finds the digital age is affecting more than how America communicates. It is also shaping parent-child relationships in striking new ways.

What's Hot? 5/20/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Long-Lasting Marriages Increasing in U.S.

Americans may be postponing marriage, and fewer are wedding at all. But what about the people who do get married? They’re staying together longer than they have in years.

Video Gaming Teens Sleep Less

A new study finds that teens who play a lot of video games are likely to sleep less than the eight to nine hours a night recommended for the age group.

Is College Worth It? Yes!

The typical college graduate earns an estimated $650,000 more than the typical high school graduate over the course of a 40-year work life, according to a new analysis of census and college cost data by the Pew Research Center.

Desire to Please Parents Motivates Kids at School

Children in both China and the United States who want to please their parents tend to do better at school, new research finds.

What's Hot? 5/13/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

More Media Use at a Younger Age

A new study finds that most American kids are media users by their first birthday; by age six, they are going online without supervision; by age 11, half have their own cell phones.

85% of New College Grads Move Back in with Mom and Dad

According to a poll conducted by consulting firm Twentysomething Inc., some 85% of graduates will move back home.

Pace of Brain Development Still Strong in Late Teens

A new study finds that brain development continues at a strong pace through late adolescence.

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