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Teen Binge Drinking Linked with Life-Long Brain Damage

Underage binge drinking can cause long-lasting brain damage that could affect their lives as adults, according to a new study.

Teen Substance Abuse Trending Upward

Substance abuse has trended upward among American teens over the past three years after a decade of declines, according to the results of this year's Partnership Attitude Tracking Study.

U.S. Teen Pregnancy Rate at Record Low

The U.S. teen pregnancy rate in 2009, the latest year for which data are available, hit its lowest since tracking began 70 years ago, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Friends Make Teens More Suceptible to Rewards of Risk

According to a new study, when teens are with friends they are more susceptible to the potential rewards of a risk than they are when they are alone.

Link Between Teen Depression, Listening to Music

Teenagers who listen to music more than other adolescents do are much more likely to have major depression according to a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study.

What's Hot? 4/1/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

New Site Helps College Students Arrange Casual Sex "Hookups"

A new website for college students promotes postings for those in search of casual sex with no strings attached.

Teens' Weight Loss Surgery May Weaken Bones

Benefits may still exceed risks, but experts urge caution for young patients.

"Facebook Depression" Seen as New Risk for Teens

Doctors' group warns site can make already-down teens even more-so with out-of-context happy messaging on other kids' pages.

Teens Who Smoke Early Often Try Pot Later

Teenagers who begin smoking at an early age are much more likely to start using marijuana by the time they're 17.

Focus on Sexting in New York Times

The New York Times has published several articles on the topic of teen sexting which provide an up-to-date focus on the topic.

Most Americans Have Facebook

According to a new study by Edison Research, more than half of Americans have profiles on the social-networking site Facebook.

Teen ER Visist Due to Ecstasy Are on the Rise

Ecstasy use is rising among teens and young adults, causing a significant increase in emergency room visits by users of the street drug, a new federal study shows.

MySpace Decline Accelerating

Between January and February 2011, worldwide unique visitors to MySpace declined by a staggering 14.4% from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors. It’s about half of the audience they had a year ago.

Melanoma Rates Higher in Wealthy White Women

Adolescent girls and young women living in wealthy communities were more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma in a new study of skin cancer cases in California.

Teen Summer Job Prospects Still Bleak

Teens looking to find seasonal employment aren't likely to find landing that job is any easier this summer than it was a year ago, when teen hiring hit historic lows, a new report shows.

The Journey From Christian Nice Girl to God's Good Woman

You may have some lonely times on the road to becoming God's Good Woman.

What's Hot? 3/18/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Young Kids Who Drink Learn to Use Alcohol as Coping Mechanism

A new study suggests the earlier kids start with alcohol use, the stronger the association between life stress and drinking as young adults.

12-Year-Olds Flocking to Facebook

Internet traffic monitor, ComScore, figures that 3.6 million of Facebook’s 153 million monthly visitors in the U.S. are under 12, although Facebook requires users to be at least 13-years-old.

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