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Adolescent Learning Saves Brain Cells

Researchers believe learning in adolescence may play a role in keeping brain cells alive.

High School Students With Higher GPAs Earn More As Adults

A new study has revealed that students who do better academically in high school will go on to earn more money later in life.

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Rise in Teen Concussion Rates Attributed to Awareness

Concussion rates for American high school athletes have doubled in recent years, but researchers believe public awareness of concussions may have led to increased reporting.

More Teens Drive Stoned Than Drive Drunk

A new study finds that a far higher percentage of students reported driving with someone who had smoked marijuana -- than those who reported driving with someone who had been drinking alcohol.

Overweight Teens More Likely to be Rejected as Friends

Overweight young people are more likely to be rejected as friends by peers who are of normal weight, according to new research.

American Teens Don't Want to Work

The decline in teen summer jobs cannot all be blamed on the economy.

What's Hot? 05/16/14

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Simple Test Helps Identify Depression in Teenagers

A quick and simple test might help health care practitioners identify depressed teens, a new study reveals.

Happiness Drops for Girls During Preteen Years

A British study has found that while both boys and girls become less happy as they move toward adolescence, the drop in happiness is much more dramatic in girls.

Teens Who Expect to Die Young Are More Likely to Commit Crime

A new study finds that teens who believe they will die young are more likely to commit crimes -- and more serious ones at that.

Energy Drinks Linked to Unhealthy Teen Behaviors

For adolescents, sports and energy drink consumption is related to unhealthy behaviors, including smoking and video game use, according to a new study.

What's Hot? 05/09/14

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Bullied Teens Far More Likely to Bring Weapon to School

Bullied teens are up to 31 times more likely to bring a weapon to school compared to non-bullied students, according to new research.

Frequent Nightmares May Indicate Bullying in Adolescents

A recent study shows that many children who are bullied may express some of their anxiety through frequent nightmares.

Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates Drop to New Lows

Teen pregnancy rates continue to fall, dropping 15 percent in two years, from 2008 to 2010, and down 51 percent from their 1990 peak, according to a new report.

High Antidepressant Dose Linked to Suicidal Behaviors in Teens

A new study finds the risk for deliberate self harm doubles when depressed young people start treatment with higher than usual doses of antidepressant medications.

What's Hot? 05/02/14

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Kids Experiencing Less Violence

Fewer American children have been exposed to violent acts such as assault, bullying, sexual victimization and emotional abuse since 2003, a new study finds.

Bullying Rates in Schools Drop Among American Teens

American teens are much less likely to engage in bullying than they were a decade ago, new research suggests.

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