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Thousands of Iraqi Refugees in Desperate Need of Aid as Winter Approaches

With winter coming soon, religious minorities in Iraq face uncertain times.

Mark Driscoll's Resignation Prompts Church Leadership to Return

Two former Mars Hill leaders have alluded to returning to the church since Mark Driscoll has resigned from his position as senior pastor of the megachurch.

7 Lessons from the Vatican’s Wild and Crazy Synod on the Family

Catholic leaders wrapped up their two-week Vatican summit on the challenges of modern family life without reaching a consensus on a number of hot-button topics. So where does that leave the church?

Court Rules Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook

A Georgia appellate court has ruled that the parents of a seventh-grade student may be negligent for failing to delete a fake Facebook profile their son created to bully a female classmate.

ISIS Launches 15 Simultaneous Attacks on Kurdish Territories

ISIS militants have once again begun pushing for more territory as the terrorist group has launched 15 simultaneous attacks on land controlled by Kurdish forces.

Iranian Pastors, Deacon Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

Two Iranian Christian pastors and one deacon have been handed down six-year prison sentences for their alleged “crimes.”

Boko Haram Truce Breached, Nigerians Doubtful Girls Will Be Returned

Boko Haram militants broke the established ceasefire with Nigerian troops on Sunday (Oct. 19), deflating hopes that the kidnapped schoolgirls would be returned to their families.

Lecrae's Latest Concert Tour Shows No Signs of Watering Down Gospel Message

Since finding mainstream success, Lecrae has had detractors who claim he’s sold out to secular hip-hop. His music is no longer solely geared toward the church and evangelizing non-believers.

Mayor Parker Backs Down on Sermons but Continues to Push Bathroom Bill

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has demanded pastors turnover “speeches” related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), also known as the “Bathroom Bill.”

Hamas Militants Dig Tunnels as World is Distracted by ISIS

The Hamas tunnel network has been destroyed, but the Hamas are reporting that Hamas is still building tunnels from Gaza into Israel.

Idaho Pastors Face Jail, Thousands in Fines for Refusing to Officiate Gay Weddings

Two Christian pastors in Idaho have filed a lawsuit and asked the courts to temporarily restrain city officials from making them perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.

Another Study Finds Teens Still Sexting

Another new study confirms that a large number of American teens continue to send and receive sexual images on their cellphones.

Mike Huckabee Urges Pastors Across US to Send Mayor Parker Sermons, Bibles

Mike Huckabee has called on pastors from across the country to send Houston Mayor Annise Parker Bibles and sermons in a display of support for the Houston pastors who received subpoenas for their sermons last week.

Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston Says He Believes in Traditional Marriage

Hillsong’s Brian Houston has stated that he believes in traditional marriage, despite recent rumors of the contrary.

Answering the “WT*IUWT” Questions

These questions are the heart of what is churning around in the minds of those on the outside-looking-in at the Christian faith. They have so many “WT*IUWT” questions, and the essence of any conversation that might move them down the spiritual road will involve talking about them.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • October 20, 2014 |
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Bishops’ Debate over Gays: Lost in Translation?

The tug-of-war at the Vatican over calls for the Catholic Church to be more open to gays and cohabiting couples intensified Thursday.

  • Josephine McKenna |
  • October 17, 2014 |
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Archbishop of Canterbury: Force May Be Only Way to Defeat ISIS

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told reporters the only way to fight groups like ISIS is with deadly force.

"God's Not Dead" Writers' New Christian Movie Will Address Religious Liberty

The writers of “God’s Not Dead” are at work on their next Christian film. The movie “Do You Believe?” will again address religious liberty, this time focusing on a religious speech lawsuit.

Tennessee Man Threatens to Behead Neighbors, Claims to Be ISIS Member

A Tennessee man reportedly threatened to behead his neighbors and burn down their houses, claiming to be a member of ISIS.

Study Claims Number of Nuns in the US has Decreased by Over 130,000 since 1966

The number of Catholic sisters has fallen in the last half century, according to a new study.

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