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What's Hot? 08/29/14

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Court Overturns Hate Crime Convictions in Amish Beard Cutting Case

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati has overturned the former hate-crime convictions of 16 Amish men who cut the hair and beards of other Amish community members in 2011.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church Facing Lawsuit for Appointing Pedophile as Youth Leader

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is facing a $13.5 million lawsuit for allegedly appointing a known pedophile to a youth group leader position in 1972.

California Catholic Colleges Forced to Provide Abortion Coverage

Some California Catholics now face a dilemma between standing strong on their faith and having health insurance that goes against their religious beliefs.

Texas School District Covers Dedication Plaques Referencing God with Duct Tape

Two public elementary schools in Texas have covered dedication plaques that referenced God with duct tape after receiving a complaint for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Screen Time Makes Tweens Clueless on Reading Social Cues

A new study finds that tweens who spend unlimited time interacting with electronic devices found it more difficult to understand emotions and verbal cues than peers who had no screen time and were only exposed to face to face interactions with others.

Boko Haram Declares Nigeria an Islamic State

Boko Haram militants claim that they are turning Nigerian into an Islamic caliphate. The Muslim extremist organization is in control of three known towns, and continues to gain power and influence in the region.

Church of England Urges David Cameron to Offer Iraqi Christians Asylum

The Church of England is urging British Prime Minister David Cameron to offer asylum for Iraqi Christians and religious minorities facing Islamic State persecution.

Israel and Hamas Both Claim Victory

After seven weeks of fighting, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has reached a lasting halt. Now both sides of the conflict have claimed victory.

American Man Dies Fighting for Islamic State in Syria

An American fighting for the Islamic State died on Tuesday. San Diego, Calif. native Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed in Syria during a battle between two competing factions.

"Radical" Pastor David Platt Elected International Mission Board President

David Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, has been elected president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

Florida School District Replaces Football Chaplains with Life Coaches

Orange County Public Schools in Florida have changed a longstanding tradition of allowing local pastors to volunteer their time as high school football chaplains.

Teens Love E-Cigs

According to the CDC, teens love e-cigarettes and are trying them at a rapidly increasingly rate.

West Africans Copy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Spread Ebola Awareness

A campaign to educate people about how to avoid getting Ebola is following the example of the viral ice bucket challenge currently sweeping the nation.

Iraqi American Leader Calls for Rescue of Christians

An Iraqi community leader in San Diego County is trying to rescue Iraqi Christians and others who are caught in the violence of the Islamic State.

Chinese Pastor Faces 10 Years in Prison for Protesting Cross Removal

A Chinese pastor could receive a 10-year prison sentence for protesting China’s cross removal campaign.

Islamic State Demands $6.6 Million for Captured American Woman

Islamic State militants have revealed that an American woman is in their captivity and have demanded $6.6 million for her release.

Israel and Hamas Agree to Indefinite Ceasefire

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire, ending seven weeks of rocketfire and violence.

Islamic State's "Convert or Die" Demands Unchallenged by Global Society

As the Islamic State terrorists wreak havoc on a formerly largely Christian region, many believe that it is the responsibility of Christians around the globe to unite and defeat the militants.

English Democrats Suggest Sex Education for Seven-Year-Olds

Liberals in England are pushing for sex education classes to be taught starting at the age of seven.

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