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Iranians Vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Successor

More than 50 million Iranians are eligible to vote today for which of the six candidates they wish to be their new president. However, despite the apparent choice on offer, little change is expected for the Christian minority in the country.

VIDEO: Touching Father's Day Commercial "Power of Dad"

To all my fellow dads out there – Happy Father’s Day!

Gender-Based Violence 'Wielded Mercilessly' in Muslim Countries

The conclusion of a new report by the U.S. Hudson Institute researcher Lela Gilbert is clear and unequivocal: gender-based violence plays a key strategic role in the plans of those who wish to eradicate Christians and Christian belief from Muslim lands.

Somalia: Christian Woman Imprisoned and Tortured

A Christian woman in Somalia was imprisoned recently for participating in underground Christian work.

Teens Prefer Mall Shopping Over Online

While most teens shop online, three out of four prefer shopping in person at malls.

U.N. Estimates Syria Death Toll Approaching 93,000

The United Nations says nearly 93,000 people have now been killed in the civil war in Syria -- and that's just the confirmed death toll.

What is a Father?

As a father of four and a father-in-law of two more, I feel my role as a father much more viscerally than ever before. So what IS a father? I've given that some thought of late.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • June 13, 2013 |
  • comments
Fire Hits Our Area Again

Nearly one year since a massive wildfire decimated neighborhoods just to the west of our campus here in Colorado Springs, we once again find ourselves glued to news reports of devastating fires destroying homes in the area.

Southern Baptists Condemn Gay Scouts Policy But Won't Force a Boycott

Southern Baptists overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to stand with churches and families that drop ties with the Boy Scouts of America over its decision to allow openly gay Scouts, and urged the BSA to remove leaders who supported the change in policy.

Texas Abortionist the Target of Request for Full Investigation

Texas state Rep. Phil King is calling for a full investigation of late-term abortion doctor Douglas Karpen. The call for an investigation comes after King viewed a video recorded by the pro-life group Life Dynamics, in which three of Karpen's former employees admitted to participating in numerous instances in which babies were born alive and killed during abortion procedures at his Houston abortion clinic.

ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over NSA Surveillance

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Obama administration over the National Security Administration's massive phone data collection program.

Outlook for 2013 Teen Summer Jobs: Bleak

Though the economy is rebounding, the teen unemployment rate has remained virtually unchanged over the past two years.

Teacher in Egypt Sentenced for 'Defaming' Islam

A judge in Upper Egypt found a Christian teacher guilty of defaming Islam and levied a massive fine against her after prohibiting her lawyers from presenting a single witness during the trial.

Notes You'll Never Throw Away

This is Jean Daly, Jim's wife. I'm going to hijack Jim's blog today to allow our sons, Trent and Troy, to pay a tribute to their dad, whom they absolutely adore.

Why Calvinists and Arminians Can Unite for Religious Liberty

We all believe in God’s sovereignty and we all believe in human freedom, though we differ on the qualifications of both. But when the government tries to be the ultimate sovereign, or to coerce free consciences, we know to stand against that, and for another kingdom, together.

Kids With Previous Concussions Take Longer to Recover

Children and young adults take longer to recover from a concussion if they've suffered a previous hit to the head within a year or repeated blows at any time, according to a new study.

Air Force Removes Painting With Biblical Reference

The U.S. Air Force has removed an "inspirational" painting because it contained a Bible reference.

New York Governor Acts to Protect Late-Term Abortion Access

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced his long-promised Women's Equality Act in early June, a portion of which loosens New York's abortion laws and establishes abortion as a right.

Obama Administration Caves, Agrees to Let Girls of Any Age Access Morning-After Pill

The Obama administration announced Monday it would end age restrictions on emergency contraception, allowing girls and women of all ages to purchase the morning-after pill without a prescription.

Franklin Graham Says Obama Yet to Respond to IRS Targeting

Franklin Graham says he is still waiting for President Obama to respond to his letter about Internal Revenue Service agents' targeting of tea party and conservative groups, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, which he leads.

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