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Arkansas Senate OKs Guns in Churches

The Arkansas Senate has passed a bill that lifts a ban on carrying concealed weapons in church.

Under-Reporting Obscures Martyrdom of Christians in India

Four Christians in India died for their faith last year, but incomplete information obscured the anti-Christian hostility in three of the deaths.

  • Morning Star News |
  • January 30, 2013 |
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Baptist Leaders Predict 'Mass Exodus' From Boy Scouts Over Gay Member Decision

The Southern Baptist Convention expressed extreme disappointment to news that the Boy Scouts of America will likely end a longtime ban on gay members, with SBC officials predicting a mass exodus out of Scouting by Baptist churches.

Vandals Desecrate Pro-Life Memorial Site Dedicated to Babies Killed by Abortion

Vandals in Waco, Texas, on Saturday desecrated a memorial site dedicated to unborn babies killed by abortion.

Teachers Flip for 'Flipped Learning' Class Model

A technology-driven teaching method known as "flipped learning" is catching on in schools across the nation as a younger, more tech-savvy generation of teachers is moving into classrooms.

Porn Infiltrating Vine Video-Sharing App

Pornography has quickly appeared on the newly-launched six-second video clip app Vine (associated with Twitter).

Pastor Saeed's Lawyer Will Appeal Eight-Year Prison Sentence

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison for his Christian activities, revealed that there will be an appeal against the sentence.

Video: Why I Will Risk My Reputation

I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with my friend and colleague, Kim Trobee, to discuss the general principles that I wrote about in my latest book, REFOCUS: Living a Life that Reflects God's Heart.

Algerian Convert Fights Proselytism Verdict

The attorney for a Christian shocked to learn that he had been convicted of pressuring a Muslim to leave Islam said after an appeals hearing on Jan. 23 that the verdict was utterly unfounded.

  • Morning Star News |
  • January 29, 2013 |
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New Mexico Bill Would Prevent Abortions After Rape as 'Evidence Tampering'

A New Mexico lawmaker has drawn fire for proposing legislation to classify an abortion after a sexual assault as "tampering with evidence."

Redefining Masculinity

Boys are quickly running out of role models in a society that sees men as largely irrelevant.

Egypt's Morsi Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests

Two years after the overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's Islamist president Mohammed Morsi is facing a wave of protests against him and his government.

Boy Scouts of America Considering Ending Ban on Gay Members

The Boy Scouts of America is considering dropping a longtime ban on gay members and discussing whether to allow local organizations to decide their own policy.

Muslim Group Threatens Egypt's Coptic Christians, Tells Them to 'Pay Tribute'

An armed Islamic movement calling itself the "Brigade of Muslims" released a statement on Saturday threatening Egypt's Coptic Christians and asking them to pay tribute.

Exclusive First Look: Saul from 'The Bible' Miniseries

We have an exclusive first look at Saul from The Bible, History Channel’s 10-part miniseries acting out the Bible.

Plight of the Orphan: Emotional Video

Have you ever thought about adopting, about rescuing a child from a bad situation?

The Truth about (Many) Christians and Evangelism

Churches all say the same thing: "We want to reach the world for Christ." Yet most don’t. So where’s the breakdown?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • January 28, 2013 |
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Andy Stanley Explains 'Pastor in Chief' Quote

Last week, Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley preached at President Obama's pre-inaugural church service, during which he said the president should be called "pastor in chief" for his leadership following the Newtown shooting. After Stanley's remarks caused a whirlwind of criticism, he responded in an interview with Christianity Today, saying his comments were taken out of context.

Iran Sentences American Pastor Saeed Abedini to Eight Years in Prison

American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, imprisoned in Iran on charges of evangelizing, was sentenced this morning to eight years in prison.

Vietnam's New Religion Decree Termed a Step Backward

Protestant Christians and leaders of other faiths in Vietnam are criticizing a new decree on religion that went into effect this year as a significant step backward, with one Christian activist saying it could put an end to the house-church movement.

  • Morning Star News |
  • January 27, 2013 |
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