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"Clavius" is Newest Bible-Based Film in Production

A new film is joining the Hollywood trend of Bible-based movies. “Clavius,” will feature the story of what happened in the 50 days after Jesus was crucified.

Canadian Christian Couple Detained in China

A Canadian pastor and his wife have been detained in China under accusations of theft of intelligence.

Iraq Genocides Spark International Prayer

Today, Aug. 6, is being marked as a day of prayer for Iraqi Christians suffering against Islamic State members.

Former Pastor Breaks Silence on Life as a Fugitive

A pastor-turned fugitive who disappeared in 2012 has broken his silence about his 18-month life on the run.

Women Ordered to Stop Praying in Mall

Several women in Dublin Georgia were recently reprimanded for praying before a power walk around the local mall.

Violent Video Games Linked to Teenage Crime Risk

Violent video games glorifying antisocial characters could increase teenage gamers’ risk of criminal and other risky behaviour like smoking and alcohol use, a new study has found.

South Sudan Famine Worsening as Civil War Wears On

An ongoing civil war in South Sudan has caused a severe famine in the region. The shortage of food is affecting 3.9 million people; the U.N. Security Council is calling the famine the “worst in the world.”

Sugar Drinks in Adolescence Impairs Learning Abilities

A new study on adult and adolescent rats finds that daily consumption of sugary beverages during adolescence affects ability to learn and remember information.

IRS Heeds Demands of Atheists, Set to Investigate Churches for Politicking

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has accused 99 churches of illegal electioneering; the IRS is now heeding the demands of the group and will begin investigations.

Andy Rooney's Thoughts on What Every Child Should Have

Although he struck many of us as something of a curmudgeon, I enjoyed watching and reading Andy Rooney over the years.

Indestructible Bible Rocks Kickstarter, Will Likely Soon Come to Stores

The “Forever Bible,” created by Forever Publishing promises to withstand anything from water to ice cream without ripping or falling apart.

SIM USA Missionary Nancy Writebol Arrives in Georgia for Ebola Treatment

Nancy Writebol, the American missionary who contracted the Ebola virus while serving in Liberia has been moved to Atlanta to continue treatment.

Anglican Church Vicar Fears World Focus on Gaza is Allowing ISIS to Run Rampant

Canon Andrew White, vicar of Iraq’s only Anglican church, has expressed his concern that the world’s attention on the Israel-Gaza conflict has left ISIS to get away with horrific acts of persecution.

Judge Overturns Alabama Law Requiring Doctors Performing Abortion to Have Hospital Privileges

The Alabama law that required doctors performing abortions to have privileges at local hospitals was ruled unconstitutional.

Cameroon: 25 Killed Including Pastor, Boko Haram Feared to Be Behind Attack

Attacks in Cameroon are causing many to worry that Boko Haram militants may be expanding their reach of violence outside of Nigeria.

Israeli Troops Leave Gaza with Three-Day Ceasefire in Effect

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops have left Gaza as a three-day ceasefire takes effect.

Are You Making Healthy Food Choices for Your Family?

It’s up to parents to show their family how to live a healthy lifestyle. But as you’ve probably discovered, that can be easier said than done. The labels on packages can be tricky. And just how many grams of fat and carbs should be in our diet anyway?

Boko Haram Attacks Five Northern Nigerian Churches

Boko Haram militants have attacked five more churches in northern Nigeria. The Islamic extremist group attacked churches in the Hawal Local Government Area with bombs on July 30.

North Carolina Restaurant Gives "Praying in Public" Discount

A restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers a surprising deal: if patrons pray before their meal, they receive 15 percent off.

Samaritan's Purse Doctor Relocated to Georgia, Continues to Battle Ebola Virus

Dr. Kent Brantly, the Samaritan’s purse doctor who contracted the ebola virus while serving in Liberia, has been moved to the United States to continue treatment.

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