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Christian Homeschoolers Losing Deportation Fight

A family homeschooling safely in rural Tennessee may be forced to return to their native Germany, where the parents likely face huge fines and criminal penalties, and could lose custody of their five school-age children.

Synthetic Marijuana Linked to Kidney Damage

Synthetic cannabinoids are not safe alternatives to marijuana, according to a new report.

Teaching Teens That Bullies Can Change Reduces Aggression

According to a new study, teenagers who believe people can’t change react more aggressively to peer conflicts than those who think people can change.

Muslim Villagers in Egypt Attack Church

Muslim villagers in Egypt's Fayoum Province attacked a church this weekend – pelting four Christians with rocks, setting parts of the church building on fire and tearing down a cross atop the structure.

  • Morning Star News |
  • February 19, 2013 |
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Pentecostal Pastor Beheaded in Tanzania

Mathayo Kachili, pastor of the Assemblies of God church in Buseresere, Tanzania, was beheaded when a group of religious extremists attacked Christians at the church on February 11.

For Those Married and Unmarried

We must celebrate marriage. We must celebrate what God has created to model His love and commitment to His Church. We celebrate that He made us uniquely male and female, and that together we reflect Him.

Russia to Outlaw 'Homosexual Propaganda'

Last month, the Russian parliament approved by a vote of 388-1-1 a draft law outlawing the dissemination of "homosexual propaganda" to minors, prompting the Obama administration to pull out of "civil society" dialogue.

VIDEO: God Doesn't Make Mistakes

God doesn't make mistakes.

U.S. Government Extends Federal Benefits to Homosexuals in Military

The U.S. government announced last week that it was extending a number of federal benefits to homosexuals in the military.

How Institutionalism Inhibits our Expectation of the Supernatural

By reducing our conceptions of the church to an institution or organization to be managed, there often follows a decreased expectation of the supernatural in the affairs and activities of the church and, by extension, the individual Christian.

The Soul of a Leader

You may not know this, but ministry is spiritually hazardous to your soul.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • February 18, 2013 |
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Canadian Ministry Risks Losing Government Funding for Stance on Homosexuality

An evangelical group that digs wells and provides clean water to 11,000 people in Uganda risks losing Canadian government money because it also teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

Bangladesh: 19 Children Rescued From Trafficker Intending to Sell Them to Radical Islamic Centers

Nineteen children who were to be sold to fundamentalist Islamic boarding schools in Bangladesh's capital city have been rescued.

Twitter Mutes Pro-Life Group Ahead of Rally

"Twitter shut us down," said Stephen Broden, a spokesman for the National Black Prolife Coalition and a Dallas-area pastor. "I had to acknowledge I had been reported and I needed to change my behavior."

  • WORLD News Service |
  • February 16, 2013 |
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French Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage

The French National Assembly approved a bill in February that legalizes gay marriage and allows same-sex couples to adopt children, following months of protests and debates.

Singles Survey Reveals Casual Views on Sex

According to a new Match.com survey of singles, 42 percent would not date a virgin, 47 percent report having a "friends with benefits" relationship, and 44 percent of women and 63 percent of men have had one-night stands.

Two Pastors in India Arrested After Being Beaten, Threatened

In India's Karnataka state, Hindu extremists beat and kicked Christians, threatened to set them on fire and tried to force them to worship Hindu idols.

  • Morning Star News |
  • February 15, 2013 |
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What's Hot? 2/15/13

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Are You a Prude?

A recent article in Relevant magazine, "Confessions of a Prude," explored the role cultural relevance has for Christians.

80 Congressmen Urge Secretary of State Kerry to Seek Release of Imprisoned American Pastor

More than 80 U.S. senators and representatives have sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to "exhaust every possible option" to secure the release of American pastor Saeed Abedini, who is facing a lengthy prison sentence in Iran because of his Christian faith.

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