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Grad Student Expelled for Stance on Homosexuality 'Vindicated'

Eastern Michigan University has settled a lawsuit with a graduate student who was kicked out for refusing to affirm homosexuality.

Obama Administration Recognizes Syrian Opposition Forces

The U.S. is now officially standing with the coalition of fighters opposing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's regime. Syrian Christians, who fear for their future should Assad be defeated, say the growing presence of foreign Islamic fighters in the country and many Islamist brigades within the opposition Free Syrian Army are of particular concern.

U.S. Navy Cancels Nativity on Bahrain Military Base After Atheist Complaint

The Navy directed service members serving in Bahrain to cancel and dismantle a live nativity after receiving a complaint from a military atheist group who said the manger scene endangered Americans serving in a Muslim country and violated the U.S. Constitution.

Binge-Eating Teens More Likely to Use Drugs

Binge-eating adolescents are more likely to use marijuana and other drugs and become depressed, according to a new study.

Dating Violence in Teen Years Can Have Lasting Impact

Teenagers who experience dating violence could be more likely to get involved in violent relationships and have health problems as young adults, a new study suggests.

North Carolina Pro-Life License Plate Ruled Unconstitutional

North Carolina drivers who wanted to display a pro-life message on their car's license plate may never get a chance to do so.

British Boy Scouts Distance Themselves From God

Prospective Boy Scouts in Britain could soon be allowed to join the organization without pledging to uphold their "duty to God."

Hamas: We'll Never Surrender 'Palestine'

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Gaza, celebrated its 25th anniversary over the weekend, and hundreds of thousands gathered in what some called the biggest rally in the history of Gaza to hear Hamas' political leader, Khaled Meshaal. He used the opportunity to pledge Israel's destruction.

Florida Atheist Installs 'Festivus' Sign Next to Nativity Scene

To protest a nativity scene that has been displayed every Christmas for the past 20 years in the South Florida town of Deerfield Beach, a local atheist has erected an 8-foot-tall "Festivus" pole with beer cans just six feet away from the manger.

Most Mobile Apps for Kids Secretly Collect and Share Information

A study from the Federal Trade Commission has found that most mobile apps for kids are secretly collecting information from children including device IDs, phone numbers, locations and other private information without their parents' knowledge or consent.

Ministry Helps 38 Workers Leave Abortion Clinics

A ministry started by a former Planned Parenthood center director is succeeding in helping abortion clinic workers leave the industry.

Food Stamp Use Hits New High

Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, reached another high in September, according to new data released by the United States Department of Agriculture. The new numbers mean that an estimated one in 6.5 people in America were on food stamps in America.

The Supreme Court and Marriage

Today’s announcement sets in motion a process that may conclude with one of the most momentous decisions ever rendered by the United States Supreme Court.

Yes, Virginia, There Is

An editorial appeared in the September 21, 1897, edition of The New York Sun titled "Is There a Santa Claus?" It was a reply to a query sent by an 8-year-old girl named Virginia. She asked her father if there was a Santa Claus, and he suggested she write to The Sun and ask, telling her, "If you see it in The Sun, it’s so."

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Pro-Family Groups Welcome Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage Cases

Several pro-family groups are voicing their approval that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided it will hear highly controversial cases on gay marriage.

How God Uses Our Tears

T. Dewitt Talmage was a well-known Brooklyn, N.Y., preacher in the late 1800s. He died in 1902. He once preached a message titled "The Ministry of Tears." It speaks powerfully to the reality of grief, but is also laced with an enormous spirit of hope.

Tufts University Reinstates Christian Group Accused of Discrimination

Student religious groups should not have to appoint leaders who do not share their beliefs, a student judiciary at Tufts University announced on Dec. 5.

Egypt's Morsi Rescinds Power Decree, But Opposition Calls It a 'Stunt'

Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has canceled his decree giving himself sweeping powers, but plans to push forward with the planned Dec. 15 referendum on a draft constitution.

Kazakhstan: Violation of Religious Freedom for Christians Continues

Infringements of religious freedom in Kazakhstan are due in part to the country's newly adopted Religion Law. The law, which went into effect last year, requires all religious communities to register or re-register their organizations and churches with the government.

Supreme Court Will Hear Gay Marriage Cases

The Supreme Court will take up California's ban on same-sex marriage, a case that could give the justices the chance to rule on whether gay Americans have the constitutional right to marry.

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