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Google: Teens' Primary Tool for Research

Google is the primary way teenagers conduct research in today’s digital world, according to new Pew research. Teachers say teens are most likely to first turn to Google or another search engine as their main research tool 94 percent of the time.

My 'Foolish' Reaction to President Obama's Re-Election

The election is over, and I sense there's something of a gloomy spirit in many conservative corners of the country.

Christians, Let's Honor the President

How should Christians respond to our once and future president?

Legalizing Marijuana Passes in Two of Three States

Two out of three states voting on legalizing marijuana on Tuesday passed the measure.

Barack Obama Wins Re-Election as U.S. President, Fox News Projects

President Obama will win re-election as president of the United States, Fox News projects.

Support Faltering for Gay Marriage Bill in France

Polls in France indicate support is failing for a proposed law that would legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples.

Fast Food Adds 300 Calories to Teen Diet

A new study finds that when teenagers ate at fast-food restaurants, they consume about 300 excess calories.

Blast in Kenya Church Kills Pastor, Wounds 11

A pastor was killed and 11 others wounded in the eastern Kenyan town of Garissa on Sunday when suspected Islamic extremists launched a grenade through the sheet-iron roof of Utawala Interdenominational Church during the worship service.

A Story of Presidential Kindness

It seems fitting to share an old story of presidential kindness.

Faith Coalition Plans to Reveal on Wednesday How Christians Voted

The results of an extensive post-election survey of Christians, including evangelicals and voters across denominational lines, will be released Wednesday by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Campaign 2012: My Predictions

It’s always time to pray. Now it’s time to vote.

Obama and Romney Deadlocked Ahead of Vote

As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made last-minute appeals to voters in key states on Monday, new polls forecast a down-to-the-wire election with both sides claiming they have the momentum to win.

Flooded Virginia Clinic Kept Doing Abortions After Hurricane Sandy

An abortion center in Falls Church, Va., bragged to supporters about not letting Superstorm Sandy shut it down despite two inches of water in its surgery room.

Study: Churchgoing Teens Go Further with School

Sociologists from Brigham Young University and Rice University found religiously-affiliated youth are 40 percent more likely to graduate high school than their unaffiliated peers and 70 percent more likely to enroll in college.

Go. Vote. Pray!

On Tuesday we must vote through the filter of the morals and values by which we live. Your decision will come down to this: Which man most closely stands for what I stand for?

Opening the Front Door -- Revisited

During a question/answer session at a recent conference, I was asked, "What are the three things most important to having an effective and open ‘front door’ to the church?"

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • November 05, 2012 |
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Traditional Marriage Support Surges in Maryland

A Maryland ballot initiative to legalize same-sex marriage has lost steam.

Egypt: Trouble for Christians as Muslim Brotherhood-Majority Government Drafts Sharia Law

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood-majority government continues to debate the phrasing used while drafting its new constitution, which will more than likely have sharia (Islamic law) as its foundation.

The Founders’ Bible: Did Thomas Jefferson Base the Declaration of Independence on the Bible?

On what did Thomas Jefferson base the Declaration of Independence? The authors of the Founders' Bible want you to believe it was the Bible.

  • Dr. Warren Throckmorton |
  • November 03, 2012 |
  • comments
Pro-Life Student Sues LSU for Restricting Free Speech

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of a student who found her right to distribute pro-life literature restricted by Louisiana State University.

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