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Persecuted Indonesian Congregation Refuses to Relocate

In the latest twist in the long-running saga of Bogor City's Taman Yasmin Indonesia Christian Church, authorities decided at a meeting in September that the church, which was forced to close in 2010, would not reopen, but instead should relocate about 7 kilometers away.

Massachusetts Supreme Court to Hear Case Against 'Under God' in Pledge of Allegiance

Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a non-religious family who is challenging the mandatory daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in their children's classrooms.

Why Zombies Matter

Zombies are everywhere it seems: in books, TV shows, movies. But why are we drawn to these gruesome figures?

An Open Letter About Halloween

There is absolutely nothing entertaining or redeeming about hatchet-wielding villains parading in costume or front-lawn displays featuring blood-spattered body parts. Some might suggest I need to lighten up and relax, to not take intended fantasy so seriously. "It is all just a joke," they say. "It isn’t real." Or is it?

Top Southern Baptist Official Breaks Pledge, Endorses Romney

Breaking a longstanding personal pledge, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land has endorsed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying next week's election is the most important since Abraham Lincoln's win in 1860 and he can no longer stay silent.

Greek Orthodox Priest Abducted in Syria Found Dead

A Greek Orthodox priest has been found slain after being kidnapped near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Smartphones Linked to Sexual Activity in Teens

Teens with smartphones are more likely to have sex and meet others online for sex than teens without Internet access on their phones, according to a new study.

Pakistani Christians Pray for Americans Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Pakistani Christians are praying for the safety of Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy, according to a message sent to the ASSIST News Service by Ashfaq Fateh, a Pakistani Christian leader who has been working to promote peace, human rights and Christian rights in his country.

Three Things Parents and Kids Can Do About Hurricane Sandy

The sun is shining here in Colorado Springs this afternoon, but as you all know, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast. Forecasters are suggesting the developing storm is of epic proportions and will paralyze life for days to come for those in the impacted areas.

Ad Comparing Voting for Obama to Losing Virginity Causes Backlash

An ad starring a young actress comparing voting for Obama to losing her virginity has gotten backlash from Christians and conservatives.

Polls Show Conflicting Early Voting Numbers

A Reuters/Ipsos survey found that Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romney among early voters 54 percent to 39 percent, but a Gallup survey found just the opposite -- that Romney is currently leading Obama 52 to 45 percent.

Prayer Group Pitches Tent on White House Lawn

As America prepares for the presidential election, a group of Christians have pitched a tent on the White House lawn to intercede for the country 24 hours a day.

Al Qaeda Leader Urges Jihadists to Kidnap Westerners, Join Syrian Uprising

Al Qaeda's leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, is calling on Muslims to kidnap Westerners in exchange for the release of captured terrorists. He also urged jihadists to join the uprising to take over Syria, and called for the implementation of sharia in Egypt.

Nigeria: Catholic Church in Kaduna Hit in Suicide Bomb Attack

At least seven people were killed and dozens were injured in a suicide bombing Sunday (Oct. 28) during Mass at a Catholic church in northern Nigeria.

The Virgin Vote

The Obama campaign placed an ad on its website titled “Lena Dunham: Your First Time.” Talking directly to the camera, she likens voting for Barack Obama to losing your virginity.

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  • October 29, 2012 |
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Lack of Sleep Linked to Sports Injuries in Teens

According to new research, one good way for teen athletes to avoid getting injured is to ensure they get plenty of sleep.

Are the Producers Behind 'Duck Dynasty' Uncomfortable with Christianity?

"They pretty much cut out most of the spiritual things," Phil Robertson, a one-time honky-tonk operator who gave up his heathen lifestyle in the 1970s, told The Christian Chronicle. "We say them, but they just don’t run them on the show."

Activists Protest Same-Sex Marriage in France

Supporters of traditional marriage in France took to the streets in Paris this week to protest the government's push to legalize gay marriage and give homosexual couples the right to adopt.

More Details Emerge of Syrian Pastor, Family Murdered by Muslim Militants

The Middle East director of Christian Aid Mission revealed more details about a Syrian Christian pastor shot and killed along with his wife and three children by a band of Sunni Muslim militants who stormed into a house church meeting earlier this month.

Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage Initiatives in Three States

President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed state ballot initiatives to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state, Maryland and Maine.

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