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University Official Suspended for Signing Marriage Petition Seeks Reinstatement

Last week, Gallaudet University's Dr. Angela McCaskill was suspended for her position as chief diversity officer because she had signed a petition opposing Maryland's Question 6, which would make same-sex marriage legal in the state.

Meet the Man Who Changed the World

His name was John Joseph Hughes, and he may have been one of the most important men in American history, if not the entire world.

School District Pays $70K for Banning 'Christ' From Valedictorian's Speech

A Montana school district has been ordered to pay $70,000 in attorneys' fees for banning a valedictorian from speaking at her graduation in 2008 because her speech contained religious references.

Gallup: Romney Opens Up 4-Point National Lead Among Likely Voters

Half of likely voters now prefer Mitt Romney for president and 46 percent back President Barack Obama, according to the latest interview data from Gallup.

Young Women Riskier About Sex When on the Pill

A new study finds that when young women start using hormonal contraceptives -- pills, patches, shots and rings -- they often stop using condoms.

HPV Vaccines Don't Encourage Sexual Activity

A new study from the journal Pediatrics finds that adolescent girls who receive the HPV vaccine are not more likely to become sexually active, pregnant, or contract a sexually transmitted infection that those who do not receive the vaccine.

Look for This at Tonight's Debate

At the height of a close election, it is worth a reminder that civility is the essential democratic virtue.

Elon University May Ban Chick-fil-A From Campus

Elon University's student senate voted 35 to 11 last week to recommend the removal of Chick-fil-A from the school's dining hall because of the restaurant president's support for traditional marriage.

Teens Like Facebook More Than Twitter

A new poll of 7,700 teenagers conducted by Piper Jaffray finds that Facebook is a more popular social media site than Twitter and Instagram.

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Treated in the UK

A 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban has arrived in the United Kingdom for medical treatment.

University Draws Fire After Placing Official on Leave for Signing Marriage Petition

A federally chartered university's decision to place its chief diversity officer on paid leave over her support for a referendum challenging Maryland's same-sex marriage law is drawing fire.

Teen Passengers and Drivers a Deadly Mix

A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety find that teen driving gets riskier when teen passengers are in the car.

New York Times Editor Scolds Paper for Burying Libya Scandal

In response to criticism from The New York Times' public editor, Margaret Sullivan, about the paper's decision not to run its story about the Oct. 10 Libya congressional hearings on the front page, the Times' managing editor and executive editor explained that they didn't see "anything significantly new" in the "politicized" hearings and that's why they tucked coverage inside.

Five Questions and Answers About My New Book

As some of you know, I have a new book coming out tomorrow. It’s titled ReFocus: Living a Life that Reflects God’s Heart. My colleagues at Citizenlink recently asked me five questions about the project. I’m delighted to share the exchange with you.

Gay-Marriage Activists Increase Donations, Seeking First Win at Polls

This year, as four states -- Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota -- have Nov. 6 referendums on same-sex marriage, homosexual activists are trying to break the streak.

Sudanese Military Kills Christian Mother in Bombing

Government bombing of ethnic Nuba civilians in a predominantly Christian town in Sudan's war-torn South Kordofan state last month -- which killed a mother of seven children -- is further evidence that officials are trying to rid the country of Christians, area Christian leaders said.

Regent University Challenges Birth Control Mandate

Regent University, founded by Rev. Pat Robertson, has joined the legal battle against the contraception mandate in President Obama's health care plan.

Iran: Seven Christians Detained Following Raid on Prayer Meeting

Seven Christians from the Church of Iran denomination were detained Oct. 12 following a raid by members of the security services on a house in the city of Shiraz in Iran's Fars Province.

The Latest Pew Survey: Christianity Losing, Secularism Winning

This is clearly the implication of the media reports following the latest Pew Research, “Nones on the Rise,” which shows a “steep decline” in the number of Protestants. Trying to spin this in such a way that the Christian faith appears culturally vital is a little like putting lipstick on a pig; but concluding that Christianity is losing and secularism is winning isn’t quite accurate either.

Meet the Nones

Now that the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has documented the "nones" are the fastest-growing and now second-largest religious constituency in the United States, constituting one of every five Americans, who are they?

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