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Photo: Why We'll Never Tire Defending the Defenseless

This is what you looked like at just 12 weeks in the womb.

University of Texas Vindicates Sociologist Whose Study Found Trouble with Kids of Gays

The University of Texas at Austin announced Aug. 29 that a sociologist who has been excoriated by some in the media over a study showing that parents’ homosexual relationships can have negative effects on children is innocent of academic misconduct.

  • WORLD News Service |
  • September 03, 2012 |
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Court: Tennessee County Can Continue Praying

A federal district court in Tennessee ruled on August 29 that Hamilton County officials can continue opening their meetings with public prayers as a lawsuit against them proceeds.

  • Religion Today |
  • September 02, 2012 |
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Knoxville Abortion Clinic Closes After 38 Years

A Knoxville, Tenn., abortion clinic closed August 10 because it did not have a doctor with admitting privileges at a local hospital.

  • Religion Today |
  • September 01, 2012 |
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GOP Platform Committee Rebuffs Attempts to Weaken Marriage Stance

Republicans working to craft the party's platform before the national convention rejected two proposals which would have changed the GOP's position on marriage.

Urban Meyer's Contract with His Family

Urban Meyer will take the field on Saturday for his first game as head football coach of Ohio State.

Child Becomes Human at Birth, Canadian Medical Association Says

Canada's leading doctors' association has approved a resolution that says an unborn child does not become a human being until it is fully born.

French Anti-Semitic Attacks Up By 40 Percent

Anti-Semitic attacks against Jews in France have risen by 40 percent in the past five months, since an Islamic terrorist murdered a rabbi and three children at a Jewish day school in Toulouse.

What's Hot? 8/31/12

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Vermont Innkeepers Who Refused Lesbian Wedding Reception Settle with ACLU

The Roman Catholic owners of a Vermont bed-and-breakfast inn agreed this week to pay a total of $30,000 to a lesbian couple that wanted to hold a same-sex wedding reception on their property.

Brazil: First Civil Union Between Three People Sparks Outrage

The first civil union between three people in Brazil -- a man and two women -- happened about three months ago but was just made public this week.

Study Shows Widespread Confusion Regarding Official Membership in Churches

A new study by Grey Matter Research shows widespread confusion and ignorance regarding official membership in churches and appears to demonstrate that many people believe just showing up is necessary for church membership.

Should Churches Display the American Flag?

With the opening of the Republican National Convention this week and the Democratic Convention next, the American flag will be front and center as members of both parties proudly fly and wave the red, white and blue.

The Christian and Politics

With the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week, and the DNC coming next week to my home city (Charlotte), it seemed a good time to talk about the Christian and politics.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • August 30, 2012 |
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Haiti Begins Cleanup in the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac

When Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti with torrential rains and high winds over the weekend, it didn't do the widespread damage that was most feared. However, the rain caused flooding in many tent cities, as well as mudslides and downed trees and power lines.

GOP Rejects Gay Marriage, Abortion in Platform

On Tuesday at the convention in Tampa, Fla., the Republican Party approved its official document, which calls for bans on all abortions and gay marriages.

Poll: Kids' Lack of Activity is Top Health Concern

A recent national poll finds that the top health concern of adults across the United States for children is they are "not getting enough exercise."

China's 'Most Significant Christian Leader' Dies at 76

One of the most significant leaders in the history of Christianity in China has died of cancer at the age of 76. Dr. Sun Yi-yin, known in America as Freddie Sun, organized and helped with the operation of 154 Bible institutes and missionary training centers inside China during a 20-year period from 1992 to 2012.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Terri Orbuch, a psychologist and research professor at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, recently identified some of the top common regrets of divorced couples.

Anti-Obama Documentary Expanding to 1,800 Theaters After Surging to Box Office No. 2

2016: Obama's America, the conservative documentary that surged to No 2. at the box office Monday with its challenge to the president's worldview, will expand from the 1,091 theaters it played in over the weekend to about 1,800 theaters on Friday.

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