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Pope Francis Says Radical Islam Must Be Stopped

Pope Francis has stated that the international community must stop Islamic State militants on their quest for power and influence.

Ebola Crisis Causes Mercy Ships to Cancel Deployment

An international medical organization maintains that collateral hardship from the Ebola epidemic has forced the cancellation of medical teams to various locations around the world.

Physically Neglected Boys Are More Likely To Become Violent Adolescents

Boys, who are physically neglected by their parents during childhood, face a heightened risk of turning into violent adolescents, according to a Penn State study.

Rapture Film "The Remaining" Coming to Theaters

A thriller movie about the rapture, titled “The Remaining,” is slated to hit theaters soon.

Islamic State Massacres Dozens of Men, Abducts Women and Children in Iraq Village

The Islamic State has reportedly made good on a promise that they would kill Yazidis who did not convert to Islam.

Willie and Korie Robertson Respond to Duck Dynasty Ratings Drop, Will Let God Guide Future

A&E’s hit reality show “Duck Dynasty” has seen a significant drop in ratings; the show ended its sixth season last week with 50 percent less viewers than the previous season finale.

Islamic State Militants Claim to Have Beheaded American Journalist

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the murder of American journalist James Wright Foley.

New York Church Cancels Plans to House Immigrant Children after Public Outrage

Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Long Island has cancelled its plans to house immigrant children in response to public backlash.

Ferguson Churches Reach Out to Community with Supplies, Service

Church members in Ferguson, Missouri have put themselves in the midst of riots and violence in an effort to reach out to the community.

Gospel Singer Admits Former Drug Addiction, Uses Music to Raise Awareness

Gospel singer Joseph Habedank has spoken out about his former prescription drug addiction and journey to recovery.

5 Things Christians Need to Know about the Ferguson Riots

The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri has attracted the attention of the world in the recent shooting and death of unarmed Michael Brown by a Ferguson Police officer Saturday, August 9.

Boko Haram on Track to Create Islamic State in Nigeria

Officials now fear that militant group Boko Haram is on track to create an Islamic state in Nigeria.

Liberia Clinic Raided Causing Escape of Quarantined Patients

A group of men broke into an Ebola treatment facility in Liberia, looting infected items and allowing quarantined patients to escape.

Cost of Raising a Child Born in 2013 Nears $250K

A middle-income family with a child born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 to raise the child to age 18.

Volunteers Clean Ferguson Streets after Nightly Riots

Volunteers have gathered in Ferguson, Missouri to clean the streets after nightly riots have been occurring, following the death of Michael Brown.

Islamic State Merchandise for Sale Promotes Terror Group in Mid-East

The terrorist group Islamic State now has merchandise including t-shirts and hats to promote its violence message.

Islamic State Threatens US: 'We are in Your State, We are in Your Cities'

Islamic State militants have taken to social media to threaten the United States with the group’s power.

Extended Ceasefire Broken after Gaza and Israel Exchange Rocket Fire

An extended ceasefire was broken on Tuesday (Aug. 19) when Gaza struck Israel with rocket fire; Israel reciprocated the attack, launching its own rockets into the Gaza Strip.

Family-Owned Pharmacy Leans on Hobby Lobby Ruling for Support

Attorneys in Washington state filed a brief in federal appeals court last week arguing their clients shouldn’t have to choose between their livelihoods and their consciences.

Mars Hill Church Cancels Resurgence Conference

Seattle’s Mars Hill Church has canceled its annual Resurgence Conference, one of the megachurch’s flagship events, originally scheduled for Oct. 28-29.

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