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The Real War on Women

If you ingest a steady dose of daily news, it would be easy to grow weary of the din of the average day, the discordant sounds of a culture awash in controversy. An issue may startle and grab you, but just as soon as you begin to digest it, another wild and upsetting story comes along, like the rolling tide of a stormy sea.

Abortion Clinics Offering Sunday Discounts, Countering Church Protests

Abortion clinics across the nation have increasingly been offering discounts for their services on Sundays, partly to counter afternoon church protests by pro-life Christians.

Teens Running Circles Around Parents on Social Media

As always, parents try to keep an eye on teens to prevent them from doing stupid, self-destructive things, and teens always succeed in evading them. This time it's happening with social media.

Conservative Group ForAmerica Flubs Jefferson Quote

Remember when the atheist group posted the fake Jefferson quote? Now the socially conservative ForAmerica has followed suit.

  • Dr. Warren Throckmorton |
  • June 25, 2012 |
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Appeals Judge in Azerbaijan to Decide Fate of Church

A Christian congregation in Azerbaijan is waiting pensively to see if a judge will uphold a court order that banned its right to meet and "liquidated" the church.

What Coke and Christianity Have in Common

I was struck by this full-page ad that ran in this past Sunday’s New York Times. The advertisement was placed in response to the current debate about banning oversized soft drinks in New York City.

Spiritual Narcissism

If there is a theme to our day, it’s that “it’s all about me.” The technical term is narcissism.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • June 25, 2012 |
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Islamists Thrilled as Egypt Elects Muslim Brotherhood President

The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won Egypt's first presidential election with 51.7 percent of the vote, and the result has immediately sparked concerns for Christians and religious minorities.

India: Hindu Extremists Severely Beat Christians With Flashlights

Forty armed Hindu radicals in India barged into the home of a convert from Hinduism to Christianity on June 9 to forcibly re-convert him.

Research Shows Growing Republican, Democratic 'God Gap'

A new report by the Pew Research Center shows more evidence of a growing religious divide between Republicans and Democrats.

Jail Sentence Stands for Host of Home Bible Studies in Arizona

A federal district court in Arizona ruled that a Phoenix homeowner who held weekly Bible studies in his backyard must serve jail time for failing to comply with building, zoning, fire and safety codes applicable to churches.

Bullied Bus Monitor Depicts Clash of Two Worlds

A heart-wrenching 10-minute video of a 68-year-old bus monitor in upstate New York, Karen Klein, being bullied by middle school students has gone viral and is being played and replayed on cable news today.

Police Chaplains Told to Stop Mentioning Jesus

Volunteer chaplains in North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will no longer be allowed to invoke the name of Jesus in prayers at public events held on government property.

What's Hot? 6/22/12

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Egypt Postpones Announcing Election Results

Egyptian authorities postponed announcing results of the presidential election Thursday, citing complaints of voter fraud by both candidates.

Gen Z Learns From Parents' Money Mistakes

Generation Z -- the newest demographic to move into adolescence -- are learning about money by watching their parents struggle in a difficult economy.

Southern Baptists Agree Same-Sex Marriage Not a Civil Rights Issue

Messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution denouncing "the effort to legalize 'same-sex marriage' as a civil rights issue since homosexuality does not qualify as a class meriting special protections, like race and gender."

Who's Your Favorite TV Dad?

Although they’re fictitious characters, a good many people have been “raised” by fathers on TV, for good or bad.

Evangelical Leaders Divided on Obama's New Immigration Policy

President Obama's executive order allowing up to 800,000 illegal immigrants to apply for work authorization has divided evangelical leaders who just days earlier called for legislatively enacted immigration reforms.

The Converted Mind

A mind for God is terribly important if one is to have a life given to God. As the Apostle Paul wrote, the very basis of our spiritual transformation as Christ followers is through the renewing of our minds.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • June 21, 2012 |
  • comments
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