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Soon after gay marriage began its victory lap through the courts, cases advocating polygamy – using virtually the same arguments that the courts had accepted for gay marriage – became legion. And yes, now comes the wave to accept pedophilia.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • July 17, 2014 |
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Marriages and Wisdom

Isn’t summer great? It’s the season for family vacations, blooming flowers, patriotic celebrations, and best of all – weddings. June, July, and August continue to be the most popular months to get married.

Vatican Editor Says England’s Female Bishops Vote ‘Complicates’ Relations

The Church of England’s vote to allow female bishops threatens unity with the Catholic Church, according to the editor of the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

Pope Francis: End the ‘Racist and Xenophobic’ Approach to Migrants along U.S.-Mexico Border

Pope Francis waded into the controversy of the unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, pushing the U.S. to offer greater protection for young children entering the country illegally.

Healthy Baby Girl Born 23 Weeks after Mother Declared Brain-Dead

A baby in Alaska defied science when she was born healthy at 35 weeks to a brain-dead woman.

Hamas Encourages Citizens to Act as Human Shields, Death Toll Reaches 200

Hamas officials maintain they have rejected an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire with Israel. Following the decision, Hamas fired at Israel and have encouraged citizen to shield the missiles.

Kids Who Spend Time Outdoors Are Healthier

Time spent outdoors was associated with increased physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness and decreased sedentary behavior.

Typhoon Kills 10 in the Philippines

At least 10 people were killed this week after a typhoon blew through the Philippines.

Son of Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar Faces Jail Time for Impersonating Father's Critic

The son of a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar will serve jail time for impersonating his father’s critics online.

Archbishop Justin Welby, Faith Leaders Voice Assisted Dying Bill Opposition

A group of over twenty British church leaders have joined together in opposition of Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill; Archbishop Justin Welby is included among those speaking out against the controversial legislation.

Five Kidnap Victims, Including Two Nuns, Released by ISIS Unharmed

Five people, including two nuns, who were kidnapped by ISIS have been released unharmed; the militants did not demand ransom money for their return.

Supreme Court Rulings Update

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on June 30th, which upheld the protection of religious liberties. At issue was one facet of the Affordable Care Act which would have forced many business owners to violate their religious principles by requiring them to fund possible abortion-causing drugs in their company health plans.

Accrediting Agency to Review Gordon College

the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Institutions of Higher Education will review whether Gordon College is violating standards of the accrediting agency.

Christian Charities Step Up to Serve Border Crisis Refugees

While the government decides what to do about the border crisis, thousands of children are being detained. Christian charities and churches have now stepped in to tend to the needs of those unaccompanied children.

Parents Spending More On Kids This Summer

A new survey finds parents have increased per child spending on summer vacation, up 12% from 2013 and up 59% from 2012.

Alabama Megachurch Opens Bowling Alley and Climbing Wall

A megachurch in Alabama added an entertainment complex to its building, including a 12-lane bowling alley, climbing wall, basketball court, fitness center, and arcade.

Afghanistan: Car Bomb Kills at Least 38

A car bomb killed at least 38 people in Afghanistan on Tuesday reports CNN; 30 more sustained injuries.

Israel Resumes Bombing Campaign after Hamas Rejects Ceasefire Proposal

Violence in Israel and Gaza paused briefly yesterday when Israel agreed to Egypt’s proposal for a ceasefire. After Hamas rejected the ceasefire proposal, Israel’s bombing campaign continues today.

Key to Your Success

A lot of people assume it’s their circumstances that determine their attitude. But that’s really not the case. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Sunni Jihadi Group Seizes Syria City

A Sunni extremist group has taken over opposition-held areas of a city, Syrian activists say.

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