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Burma: 10 Killed in Grenade Attack on Orphanage

Ten were killed and more than two dozen injured in a grenade attack on an orphanage in a primarily Christian region in northern Burma.

The Government as Family

The late Nobel laureate in economics, Milton Friedman, warned many years ago that the more government does for the family, the less those in the family are likely to do for themselves.

Christians in Malaysia Accept Ruling on Church Raid

The sultan of Selangor ruled insufficient evidence to prosecute Christians for evangelizing to Muslims at an Aug. 3 church dinner.

Black Friday Backlash as Stores Add to Thanksgiving Hours

As stores up the ante with earlier holiday hours that creep into Thanksgiving night, Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday, and some shoppers and employees aren't happy about it.

Iranian Pastor on Death Row Under Pressure

Imprisoned Iranian pastor Yousef Nadarkhani has undergone physical and psychological torture while awaiting a decision on his death sentence.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Sets New One Day Sales Record

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has broken the records set by the franchise’s previous outing, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game sold 6.5 million units in North America and the United Kingdom in 24 hours.

Egyptian Christians in U.S. Call for Action Against Persecution

Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the U.S. have implored Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to take action against Egypt's Christian persecution.

Are Married Men Better Workers Than Single Ones?

For years, Brad Wilcox and his colleagues have been studying the positive impact of marriage on the culture.

Georgia Schools Cut Bible Classes to Pay Bills

Economic troubles are causing public schools in Georgia to cut Bible classes, five years after the state became the first to allow the controversial elective.

China: Century-Old Church to be Demolished, Congregation Protests

A 125-year-old church is facing demolition despite being government-approved, and members are fighting to save it.

Churches, Prayer Rooms Closed in Kazakhstan Prisons

Citing two laws restricting religious freedom, Kazakhstan has closed churches, prayer rooms and mosques in prisons.

Arab Christians, Minorities Reshaping U.S. Enclaves

Fleeing persecution in the Middle East, more and more Arab Christians and religious minorities are taking refuge in the United States.

Teen Girls Twice as Likely as Boys to Tweet

Teen girls are more than twice as likely as boys to use Twitter, at 22% vs. 10% of the respective populations.

A Mother's Farewell On Veterans Day

In the process of doing some research, one of my colleagues came across a poignant Veterans Day tribute. It dates back over 45 years, but the sentiments are powerful and timeless.

Expose the Evil at Penn State

Penn State’s Board of Trustees announced the firing of football coach Joe Paterno.

More Evidence Against Kansas Planned Parenthood Lost

After more documents were discovered destroyed, the hurdles in the Kansas Planned Parenthood felony case may be insurmountable.

Protecting Our Children

By now, you are tired of the headlines surrounding the Penn State debacle…and debauchery. Are there any lessons for the church?

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • November 14, 2011 |
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Nigeria: Violence in Yobe State Aimed Mainly at Christians

More than 130 of the 150 killed in the town of Damaturu in the Nov. 4 attack by Islamic extremists were Christians.

Ethiopian Extremist Group Has Plans for Sharia Takeover

The Ethiopian government discovered plans by the extremist Wahhabi Muslims to turn Ethiopia into an Islamic country governed by Sharia law.

Sudan's Islamist Regime Renewing Attacks on Refugees, South

Armed forces of Sudan's Islamist regime crossed international borders and dropped bombs on two states in the new nation of South Sudan.

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