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Twitter Blocking Feeds Pakistan Deems Blasphemous

Pakistani bureaucrat Abdul Batin has requested that Twitter block tweets and feeds that are deemed “blasphemous.” Twitter has heeded Batin’s request.

Kentucky Judge Upholds Tax Breaks for Clergy

A Kentucky judge has struck down an atheist challenge to tax benefits for clergy and churches.

Putin Intends to Respect Ukrainian Election Result

Ukraine is set to hold its presidential election on Sunday; Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will not interfere. Russia will “respect the choice of the Ukrainian people,” he said.

Navy Seal’s Commencement Speech Full of Common-Sense Wisdom

May is full of graduations – for so many students, it’s a time of transition to a new era looming with possibility.

S. Sudan Civil War Causes Flood of Separated Child Refugees in Kenya

South Sudan’s ongoing civil war has caused the Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp to be flooded with people trying to escape the violence.

UK's Largest Christian Festival Will Not Allow Pro-Life Groups

Big Church Day Out, the largest Christian music festival in the United Kingdom will not be permitting pro-life advocacy group Abort67 to set up an exhibit for the fourth year running.

Court Says Two Christian Colleges Exempt from Birth Control Mandate For Now

Dordt College and Cornerstone University have been temporarily exempted from the national birth control mandate by a federal court.

Pope's Visit to Holy Land Comes as Christians Disappear from Cradle of Faith

Pope Francis is due to visit the Holy Land this weekend, reports Fox News, but these days fewer and fewer Christians can be found there.

Louisiana Abortion Bill Passed, Could Cause Some Clinics to Close

A new abortion bill passed in Louisiana which requires doctors performing abortions to have practicing privileges at hospitals.

House Considers a Prayer Plaque at WWII Monument; Interfaith Coalition Says ‘No’

An interfaith coalition has again asked the U.S. House of Representatives to reject a prayer plaque at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Rise in Teen Concussion Rates Attributed to Awareness

Concussion rates for American high school athletes have doubled in recent years, but researchers believe public awareness of concussions may have led to increased reporting.

Girls Propositioning Boys: Helping Your Son When the Tables Are Turned

Today’s children are growing up faster than ever. Thanks to TV, overtly sexual songs on the radio and the Internet, most kids have likely seen, heard and experienced more than their counterparts from previous generations.

Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Speaks Out Against Sovereign Grace Ministries

Tullian Tchividjian, senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is speaking out against Sovereign Grace Ministries for the way in which it dealt with a sex abuse scandal in 2012.

Church of Scotland Considers Ordaining Homosexuals

The Church of Scotland is discussing ordaining gay people as ministers during its annual General Assembly. The conversation will extend through Friday.

Many Criticize Glenn Beck's Mormon Speech at Liberty University Convocation

Liberty University hosted Mormon Glenn Beck to speak at the annual convocation ceremony, but many were critical of what the conservative talk show host and author had to say.

Millions in Danger of Famine in South Sudan

Aid agencies are asking for prayer as the South Sudan faces a famine that could be worse than the one that hit the area in the 1980s.

More Teens Drive Stoned Than Drive Drunk

A new study finds that a far higher percentage of students reported driving with someone who had smoked marijuana -- than those who reported driving with someone who had been drinking alcohol.

6 Iranians Arrested for Making 'Happy' Dance Video

The viral trend of making dance videos to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” has landed six Iranian young adults in jail.

Nigerian Car Bombs Kill at Least 118

Two car bombs exploded at a bus terminal in Jos, Nigeria killing at least 118 people.

Pastor Saeed Abedini Beaten and Returned to Prison without Warning

Saeed Abedini, the American pastor who who being held by Iranian authorities was brutally beaten and returned to prison without warning or reason given.

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