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Tim Tebow and CURE Building Children's Hospital in Philippines

The Tim Tebow Foundation is partnering with CURE International to build a children's hospital in the Philippines.

’Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again! The weeks -- no, months -- of preparations for the Event reached febrile proportions just a few weeks ago...

What's Hot? 12/16/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Canada Demands Release of Condemned Pakistani Christian Woman

Canada's parliament is demanding the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman condemned under Pakistan's blasphemy law.

Twenty Haitian Children Still Missing After Orphanage Shutdown

Following the closing of Son of God Orphanage in after missionaries discovered the children were being abused, 45 of the orphans went missing.

A Manly Challenge

Speaking on behalf of most men, I can say with confidence that guys love the thrill of a challenge.

U.S. Teen Mobile Data Usage Skyrockets

We already knew that teens out-text the rest of us, but this year their mobile data consumption accelerated at an unprecedented rate as well.

City of Oakland's Ordinance Discriminates Against Pro-Life Pastor

The Life Legal Defense Foundation seeks an injunction against the city for forbidding pro-lifers from approaching women outside abortion clinics.

Propaganda Versus Reality in Iraq

Iraq's small Christian population worries that with U.S. and NATO forces withdrawing, religious persecution will only increase.

Ministry Providing Bibles for Inmates This Christmas

Bible resource provider Biblica has a special Bible just for prison inmates this Christmas.

Can I Have Your Favorite Christmas Recipe?

Food ranks high among the many wonderful traditions of Christmas.

Closed for Christmas

Many churches, finding that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, are choosing to scale back their services or even cancel them in light of the holiday.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • December 15, 2011 |
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Girl Scouts' Admitting of Boy Draws Backlash

Girl Scouts USA's recent revelation that its local chapters sometimes induct transgender children has caused repercussions.

Teen Smoking at Historic Lows, but Marijuana Use High

Cigarette and alcohol use among teens is at the lowest level in decades, but marijuana use is on the rise, according to the latest "Monitoring the Future" survey conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

Depression and Binge Eating Linked in Teen Girls

Depression and binge eating may go hand in hand among teenage girls as new research shows that teen girls who are depressed are twice as likely to binge eat or overeat.

One in Five UK Parents Use Gadgets as In-Home Intercom with Kids

In another sign of how technology can foster more communication, a new survey in Britain found that one in five parents use tech gadgets to talk to their own children while inside the same home.

North Korea Protests South Korean Christmas Trees

North Korea has warned South Korea of "unexpected consequences" if it lights up three giant steel Christmas trees near the border.

Former Workers Offer to Testify Against Planned Parenthood

Seven former Planned Parenthood employees offered their help to a congressional committee investigating the organization for crimes and misuse of federal funds.

Better Than Intimacy for a Great Marriage

According to researchers at the University of Virginia Marriage Project, the best indicator of marital happiness is not sexual intimacy or frequency or even communication between spouses - it's generosity.

Uzbekistan: Churches Banned From Evangelism, Youth Worship

Authorities in Angren have warned religious communities not to be involved in "missionary activity" or let children attend worship services.

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