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Have You Heard of This Wonder Drug?

If you want to experience a joy that won't fade but actually increase with time -- give.

Behind Smokescreen of 'Reforms,' Burma's War on Christians

Behind Burma's so-called democratic reforms, the country's war against the Christian Kachin people continues unabated.

'Personhood' Proposition Divides Mississippi Religious Leaders

"The Personhood Amendment" would amend the state constitution to declare that life begins at the moment a human egg is fertilized.

Nigeria: Islamic Gunmen Open Fire at Church Vigil

An armed gang opened fire at a church in Nigeria's Kaduna state during an overnight vigil, killing two people and wounding 11.

The Riddle of Reality, Part 1

From ages past, men have wrestled with the nature of reality: specifically, whether reality, at its root, is the cosmic stew of matter and energy, the ethereal stuff of mind and spirit, or some combination thereof.

Police-Sponsored Gang Attacks Church in Central Vietnam

A gang said to be following police orders attacked a Central Vietnam pastor's family with iron bars and wooden clubs twice in one day.

Seven Billion

So how should we feel about our world population reaching seven billion?

What's Hot? 11/4/11

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Cross Removed From City Water Tower, Sort Of

When a Tennessee town was forced to remove a cross atop its water tower, residents responded in a striking way.

Burma: Authorities Issue New Restrictions on Religious Activity

Burmese officials imposed regulations requiring churches to seek official permission to read the Bible, pray, fast and hold Sunday school classes.

Mobile Gaming Rises Rapidly Among Kids and Teens

Mobile gaming more than quadruples in two years.

Obama Responds to 'In God We Trust' Vote, Secretary Misquotes Bible

After Congress reaffirmed "In God We Trust" as the nation's official motto, President Obama chided lawmakers for ignoring his jobs bill.

Teen Pot Use Unaffected by Medical Marijuana Law

Survey data shows no difference in kids' use after Rhode Island made it legal in 2006.

Faith is No. 1 Reason for Teens' Abstinence

A recent study shows the most frequent reason teenagers give for abstaining from sex is that the behavior goes against their religion or morals.

Should Boys Be Allowed in the Girl Scouts?

Perhaps you’ve heard about Felisha Archuleta of Denver. For the last few months she’s been trying to sign her 7-year-old son up to join the Girl Scouts.

Megatrends that Weren’t

Joshua Keating writes about “yesterday’s Next Big Things” that never took place, noting that “history can be awfully unkind to pundits wielding crystal balls.”

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  • November 03, 2011 |
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Advocates Urge Senators to Reauthorize Religious Freedom Agency

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom will cease to exist Nov. 18 unless members of Congress take action.

Online Video Booming

Cisco VP for Marketing and Emerging Technologies, David Hsieh, says 51 percent of all Internet traffic today is video—and predicts that the number will jump to over 90 percent within the next three years.

Teen Sexting Common, Linked to Psychological Woes

A study of more than 23,000 high school students finds 13 percent have received a sext message and 10 percent have either forwarded, sent or posted sexually suggestive, explicit or nude photos or videos by cellphone or online.

Israel Test-Fires Missile That Could Hit Iran

On Wednesday, Israel successfully test-fired a missile said to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.

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