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Please Pray for Billy Graham

Christian organizations around the world are asking their members to pray for Dr. Billy Graham who, at the age of 95, show signs of failing health.

Pope Francis shrugs off Marxist label

Pope Francis is shrugging off criticism from political conservatives who dubbed him a Marxist.

Teen Pot Use Could Hurt Brain and Memory

Teenage pot smokers could be damaging brain structures critical to memory and reasoning, according to new research that found changes in the brains of heavy users.

Singleness During the Christmas Season

Being single during the holidays is the stuff movies, blog posts and TV show plot lines are made of. While they’re usually making light of how “awkward” things are for singles during Christmas, others try to look on the bright side of things.

Bible Translator Killed Protecting His Family in the C.A.R.

A Wycliffe Bible translator was shot and killed last week during a deadly outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic.

Texas Lt. Governor Candidates Support Creationism in Schools

In a debate last week, Republican candidates vying for the Texas lieutenant governor seat said they support teaching biblical creationism and praying in public schools.

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • December 16, 2013 |
  • comments
Plagiarism Accusation Raises More Questions for Driscoll

Controversy surrounding megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll shines light on practices in Christian publishing industry.

  • Warren Cole Smith |
  • December 16, 2013 |
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Generation X-Mas (2013)

An intriguing editorial in TIME magazine chronicled how "A Christmas Story" has become the quintessential American film for Christmas, replacing "It’s a Wonderful Life."

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • December 16, 2013 |
  • comments
Mothers of Young Children Spend Most Time with Smartphones

Smartphones serve as escape, social tool for newly busy mothers of young children.

Reaching the World Online Through Our Digital Engagement Center

Focus on the Family’s perennial calling to help families thrive recently received a huge boost when we unveiled our “Digital Engagement Center.”

What the Trinity Says about God, and Us

"Few would deny that the Trinity is one of the most (if not the most) important of all the doctrines of the Christian faith, and also one of the most misunderstood... it is regrettable, because no other doctrine tells us more about God and ourselves..."

One Year Later: Newtown Shooting Remembered

As the anniversary of the shooting at Newtown, Connecticut approaches, church leaders and others are talking about what comes next a year after the tragedy.

  • Amanda Casanova |
  • December 13, 2013 |
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Wife of Imprisoned Pastor Testifies Before Congress

In an emotional plea before Congress, Abedini described her husband’s worsening plight at the notorious Rajaï Shahr prison in Iran.

Satanic Monument at Oklahoma Capitol May Include ‘Interactive Display for Children”

When a 6-foot tall monument of the Ten Commandments was erected on Oklahoma Capitol grounds, “Pandora’s Box” was opened, according to lawyer David Slane.

What's Hot? 12/13/13

A listing of hot cultural items from the the Internet, music, television and movies.

Tickets Available for Focus on the Family Movie Event

For more than 35 years now, Focus on the Family has been sharing the wonderful truth about God’s design for family. This time, we’re doing it on the big screen.

Persecution of Copts Addressed at Congressional Hearing

A joint hearing on Tuesday shone a spotlight on the situation of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Hospital Ad Rejected Because of Jesus

A hospital ad mentioning Jesus has been rejected by ESPN as “Too Problematic”, according to recent statements made on the Breitbart website.

75% of Americans Think Christmas Should Be Celebrated in Public Schools

While the "war on Christmas" rages, 75% of American adults believe Christmas should be celebrated in public schools.

Men without Chests

Our world seems to increasingly views human beings as having intellect, and emotion, and appetite, but not soul. Removing this would create “Men without Chests.”

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • December 12, 2013 |
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