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Obama Administration Orders Medicare to Pay for Sex Change Surgery

Taxpayer dollars could soon pay for sex reassignment surgeries for elderly or disabled Americans on Medicare, thanks to a ruling Friday from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Daniel James Devine |
  • June 03, 2014 |
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Teen Boys Online Porn Viewing Behavior Is Reason For Concern

Teen Boys Online Porn Viewing Behavior Is Reason For Concern

Post-Abortive Woman Calls Focus Broadcast “Voice of Hope” (VIDEO)

For those of us whose pro-life convictions stem from our Christian faith, the New Jersey Star-Ledger’s recent headline was disconcerting: “Why I perform abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choice.”

USA Teen Birth Rate Falls To New Low

Teen births are at the lowest ever reported in the USA and both the number of births and birth rate dropped 10% in just one year, according to the latest preliminary federal data.

School Superintendent Defends Prayer at Off-Campus Veterans Day Event

A North Carolina school superintendent is stepping up against complaints about Christian prayers at a veteran’s event held in late May.

Sudanese Officials Retract Claims that Meriam Ibrahim to Be Released

Sudanese authorities are retracting reports that a Christian woman who denied the Muslim faith would be released from prison for two years.

Christian University Professor Fired for His Picture on Beer Can

A professor was terminated from his position on the Charleston Southern University faculty after his image appeared on a beer can.

Islamist Militants Pose Threat to Christians in Uganda

Christians in Uganda are being threatened by Islamist militant group al-Shabaab, as outbreaks of violence inch closer to the nation.

South Korean Missionary Sentenced to Life in Prison for Forming Underground Churches

A South Korean missionary has been sentenced to life in a North Korean prison for attempting to organize underground churches.

Taliban Leader Says Release of Five Guantanamo Bay Prisoners a 'Great Victory'

The United States bargained with the Taliban in order to release an American Prisoner-of-War from terrorist captivity.

The Truth about Grace and Truth

One of the most important dynamics to get right is the dynamic between grace and truth. Not only is it the heart of the gospel, but at the heart of many of the most regrettable caricatures and stereotypes abounding about Christians and Christianity in our world today.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • June 02, 2014 |
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Human Cloning Advancements Pose Serious Questions for Life Advocates

I consider myself blessed to live at a time where we benefit from so many advances in medical science. In terms of physical health, we’re all much better off today than we were or would have been just a few decades ago.

Florida Woman Kills 2-Year-Old After Hearing God's Test of Abraham Sermon

After hearing a sermon on God’s test of Abraham, in which God tells him to make a burned sacrifice of his son Isaac, a Florida woman is accused of murdering her former same-sex partner’s 2-year-old daughter.

Southern Baptists Report Dismal Numbers of Baptized Millennials

This year there were only about 310,300 Southern Baptist baptisms. Findings also discovered that 80 percent of churches reported only one or zero baptisms among ages 18 to 29.

Christian Militants Drive Out Muslims in Central African Republic 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Militants in Central African Republic (CAR) have broken out in violence, as Christian militants attempt to drive out Muslims.

Christians in Canada Seeking Licensure Face Challenges

Trinity Western University (TWU) announced in 2013 that the Federation of Law Societies of Canada had approved its proposal for a School of Law. However, the Christian university could face religious freedom challenges.

Study Claims Women More Likely to Lead Secular Non-Profits than Evangelical

Sociologists Amy Reynolds and Janel Curry have released the results of a study on women in charity leadership roles. The findings suggest that women leaders are more prominent in secular non-profits than evangelical ones.

Meriam Ibrahim Remains Firm in Faith, Husband Says

Daniel Wani, the husband of condemned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim, said that his wife is clinging to her faith in prison.

What's Hot? 5/30/14

A weekly listing of hot cultural items from the Internet, music, television and movies.

Dinesh D'Souza Admits Mistakes in Judgment, Looks to Future Filmmaking

Dinesh D’Souza, the filmmaker and author recently convicted of campaign finance fraud, has admitted that he has made political mistakes; he now looks to future filmmaking endeavors and redeeming his name.

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