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Did You Hear What Happened in Denver Last Night?

It's not every day that you find a high-ranking Catholic prelate standing with a bullhorn on the steps of a state capital building, leading the public in prayer for the defense and protection of pre-born life.

Judge Overturns North Dakota 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law

A U.S. District judge rejected North Dakota’s ‘heartbeat’ abortion law Wednesday.

"Good" Friday (2014)

The amazing thing about Good Friday is that it was - and is - part of the “good” declared by God at creation.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • April 17, 2014 |
  • comments
Hobby Lobby President Launches Bible Curriculum in OK Public School

Hobby Lobby's Steve Green is set to launch a new high school curriculum centered around the Bible, emphasizing the historical elements and impact the book has had in society.

Pastor Robert McKeehan Commits Suicide, Congregation Grieves

Robert McKeehan, pastor of the Community Bible Church in High Point, N.C., died Friday after hanging himself in his home.

At Least 100 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted

Various news outlets report Muslim terrorists abducted at least 100 Nigerian schoolgirls on Monday at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok.

Video Games Do Not Negatively Impact Teen Academic Performance

A new study using worldwide scholastic results found that video games to not have a negative impact on teen academic performance.

Tensions Rise as Ukrainian Elite Troops Defer to Russian

Elite military units are deferring to the pro-Russian side in Ukraine causing more tension in the area.

South Korean Ferry Sinks, Leaves 4 Dead and 294 Missing

Four people are confirmed dead and nearly 300 remain missing after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea.

Cult in Mexico Accused of Illegally Adopting and Brainwashing Children

The Mexican cult Iglesia Christiana Restaurada (Restored Christian Church) is accused of kidnapping and brainwashing 15 children.

This is Not Why Jesus Died

The New York Times ran an interesting opinion piece this weekend: “Raising a Moral Child.”

75-Year-Old Priest Murdered in Syria

A 75-year-old priest was murdered in Syria Monday. Masked assassins shot Dutch Jesuit Father Frans van der Lugt in the head as he entered his garden in Homs.

For Many Teens Formal Sex Education Is Too Late

According to a new study among teen girls who were sexually experienced, 83% told interviewers that they didn’t get formal sex education until after they’d lost their virginity.

Baptist Church Leaders Spark Revitalization Movement in Response to Decline

South Baptist church leaders are coming together to organize a revitalization movement in response to the large numbers of Baptist congregations that are closing their doors.

Russian Military Jet Taunts US Navy Destroyer

A Russian jet repeatedly flew over a United States Navy warship at extremely low altitudes on Monday, in a seemingly provoking gesture.

Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages

A U.S. District Judge ruled that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed outside of state limits, despite a 2004 citizen vote defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Renowned Mathematician Releases New Book: “Why Science Does Not Disprove God”

In his newly released book, Dr. Amir Aczel argues that science does not disprove the existence of God and that atheists’ anti-God arguments are fundamentally flawed.

WATCH: Elderly Couple Demonstrates Marital Joy

A couple of months ago I blogged about marriage and joy. In that post, I encouraged Christian couples to live out a marriage that exemplified the goodness of God’s design by enjoying each other and having fun together.

Cameroon Pentecostal Churches Face Government Scrutiny

In 2013 the Republic of Cameroon's President Paul Biya ordered the closure of nearly 100 Christian churches throughout the African nation. Churches that oppose the government continue to face closure.

Central African Republic Clergy Urge Deployment of UN Peacekeepers

Religious leaders are urging reinforcements for an existing peace mission, even as the United Nations prepares to roll out a bigger one in September.

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